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IconCreating reports
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Icon“Hello, World!” report example
IconThe “Text” object
IconHTML-tags in the "Text" object
IconDisplaying expressions with the help of the "Text" object
IconBands in FastReport
IconData bands
IconTfrxDBDataSet component
Icon“Customer List” report
IconDisplaying DB fields with the help of the "Text" object
Icon“Picture” object
IconReport with pictures
IconMulti-lined text display
IconData splitting
IconText wrap of objects
IconDisplaying data in the form of a table
IconPrinting labels
IconShifting objects
IconReport with two data levels (master-detail)
IconHeaders and footers of a data band
IconMulti-page reports
IconRowCount and PageCount properties
IconGroups and aggregates
IconReport with groups
IconOther group features
IconReset page numbers
IconDrill-down groups
IconLine numbering
IconAggregate functions
IconPage and report totals
IconInserting aggregate functions
IconFormatting, highlighting
IconFormatting of values
IconInline formatting
IconConditional highlighting
IconColoring alternate data rows
IconNested reports (subreports)
IconNested reports (subreports)
IconSide-by-side subreports
IconLimitations on use of subreports
IconPrintOnParent option
IconA Taste of Script
IconStructure of a script
Icon"Hello, World!" script
IconUsing objects in the script
IconCalling the variables from the report’s variables list
IconReferencing the DB fields
IconUsing aggregate functions in the script
IconDisplaying a variable’s value in a report
IconExample of using the “OnBeforePrint” event
IconPrinting a group sum in the group header
Icon“OnAfterData” event
IconService objects
Icon“Report” object
Icon“Engine” object
Icon“Outline” object
IconUsing the “Engine” object
IconUsing the “Outline” object
Icon“OnManualBuild” page event
IconCreation of objects in the script
IconCross-tab reports
IconConstructing a cross-tab report
IconChanging the appearance
IconUsing functions
IconSorting values
IconTables with composite headers
IconAdjusting cell width
IconFont colors and highlighting
IconManaging a cross-tab in script
IconAdjusting row/column size
IconFilling a table manually
IconAdding external objects to the table
IconSome useful settings
IconTable-type reports
IconConfiguring columns
IconManaging the size of the column
IconConfiguring rows
IconManaging the size of the row
IconConfiguring cells
IconJoining and splitting cells
IconInserting objects in cells
IconLimiting the number of chart values
IconSome useful settings
IconChart with manually entered values
IconChart completion from Script
IconPrinting a chart built in Delphi
IconMap elements
IconControlling the map with the mouse
IconThe "Map" object editor
IconAdding map layers
IconSetting up the layer appearance
IconSetting up label display
IconConnecting the map layer to data
IconHighlighting data using colors
IconHighlighting data using size
IconInteractive reports
IconHyperlink configuration
IconLink to the URL
IconLink to the page number
IconLink to an anchor
IconLink to a detailed report
IconLink to a detailed page
IconCustom link
IconDot-Matrix reports
IconCross-tab in dot-matrix
IconDot-matrix report printing
Icon“Command” object
IconDialogue forms
Icon"Hello, World!" report
IconEntering parameters and transferring them into a report
IconInteraction with controls
IconSeveral dialogue forms
IconManaging dialogue forms
IconData access components
IconComponent descriptions
IconReport designer
IconSimple report of “List” type
IconReport with parametric query
IconOther useful features
IconReport inheritance
IconCreating a base report
IconChanging a base report
IconInheritance control
IconNew report wizard
IconNew connection wizard
IconNew table wizard
IconNew query wizard
IconQuery construction
IconUsing the Query constructor
IconComplex query building
IconPreview, print, export
IconControl keys
IconMouse control
IconReport printing
IconText search in reports
IconSaving the report
IconSending a Report via E-mail
IconExport to FTP
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IconExport to OneDrive
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IconExport to Jpeg, BMP, Gif, Tiff Graphic Formats
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