Export to Open Document

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Open Document Format (ODF, OASIS Open Document Format for Office Application) was designed by OASIS and based on the XML format used in OpenOffice.


FastReport supports export to table (.ods) and text (.odt) files. These files can be opened in OpenOffice.


The Export method is 'table'.


When exporting to ODF format a dialogue opens requesting output file settings.




Export settings:


- Continuous : export as a continuous document, without page breaks and without page headers/footers

- Page breaks : enables page breaks in the document

- WYSIWYG : accurate rendition of previewed report; when disabled optimization is allowed, reducing the number of lines and columns in the export file

- Background : graphic image assigned to page background(s) is exported to ODF file; output file size is considerably increased

- Open after export : exported file is opened immediately after export.


Export feature : RichText objects are exported as simple text, export of graphic images is supported.