Export to PDF Format

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PDF (Portable Document Format): a platform-independent format of electronic documents created by Adobe Systems. The free Adobe Reader package is used for viewing. This format is flexible – it allows inclusion of required fonts, vector and bitmapped images; it is a means to distribute and store documents intended for viewing and/or printing.


The Export method is 'layer-by-layer'.


When exporting to PDF format a dialogue opens requesting output file settings.




Export settings:


- Compressed : output file is compressed, file-size is reduced but export time is increased

- Embedded fonts : all fonts used in report are contained in the PDF output file, allows accurate rendering on computers where the fonts are absent; output file size is considerably increased

- Background : graphic image assigned to page background is exported to PDF file; output file size is considerably increased

- Print optimized : graphic images output in high resolution for accurate printing; this option is only necessary when a document contains graphics and will be printed; output file size is considerably increased

- Outline : option is enabled only when report contains an outline; outline is exported to PDF file

- Open after export : exported file is opened immediately after export using default PDF viewer installed on the computer (for example, Adobe Reader).


Export feature : RichText objects are exported as graphics.