Export to Excel 97/2000/XP

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Excel – application for working with electronic spreadsheets. It is included in Microsoft Office.


The Export method is 'table'.


When exporting to Excel format a dialogue opens requesting output file settings.




Data grouping:


- Like the report - each page of prepared report is exported on a separate Excel sheet;

- All in one page - generate continuous document without page breaks and page headers/footers;

- Chunks. Each chunk has (rows) - each chunk is exported on a separate Excel sheet.


Export settings:


- WYSIWYG : full compliance to report appearance; when disabled optimization is allowed, reducing the number of lines and columns in the export file

- Pictures – includes graphic images export into output table;

- Grid lines - turns on/off Excel grid lines;

- Adjust page size - adjusts cell size to fit the content;

- Delete empty rows - deletes empty rows from the output table;

- Export formulas - if a cell text starts with "=" symbol, it is exported as an Excel formula.

- Open Excel after export : exported file is opened immediately after export.


Export features: RichText objects are transferred as simple text, graphic image transfer is supported.