Export into HTML Format

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HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is regarded as the standard language for documents on the Internet. It is used for creating relatively simple but well designed documents. HTML supports hypertext linking as well as simple document layout.


The Export method is 'table'.


When exporting to HTML format a dialogue opens requesting output file settings.




Export settings:


- Styles : design styles for text objects exported; when disabled exporting speed is increased, but detracts from spreadsheet appearance

- All in one folder : all additional files are saved in the same folder as the main file

- Page navigator : special navigator for fast jumping between pages created

- Fixed width : blocks automatic table/diagram width adjustment when changing display window size

- Multipage : each page exported as a separate file

- Background : graphic image assigned to page background is exported to HTML file

- Pictures : graphic image exported to HTML file

- Open after export : exported file is opened immediately after export using default HTML viewer installed on the computer.


Export features : export may consist of several files; each graphic image exported to its own file; RichText objects are exported as simple text; accuracy of rendering and file-size depend on how the report was designed, see the “Report Design considerations” chapter.