"Hello, World!" script

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We have already seen an example of a “Hello, World!” report; now let's see how to create a simple script which displays a window with the same greeting.


Open the designer and click on the “New report” button so that FastReport automatically creates a basic template. Switch to the “Code” tab and write the following script:





 ShowMessage('Hello, World!');



C++ Script:



 ShowMessage("Hello, World!");



After that run the report. As expected, FastReport displays a little dialogue with a greeting:




Let's explain some details. We created a script consisting of a single “begin..end” block. So our script has a very simple structure; it consists only of a main procedure (see the “Structure of a script” section above). The main procedure is executed as soon as the report runs. In this case it displayed a greeting dialogue; the procedure ends right after the dialogue is closed. After the main procedure has finished running, the normal report construction begins.