Export to Jpeg, BMP, Gif, Tiff Graphic Formats

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FastReport exports to graphic formats.


- JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) : a compressed format based on an algorithm that records differences between pixels. It is characterized by high compression at the expense of graphic accuracy.


- BMP (Windows Device Independent Bitmap) : used for storage of bitmap images used in Windows. A standard file format for computers under Windows control.


- GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) : hardware independent format was developed for transmission of bitmap images through networks. Well suited for compressing homogeneous content (logos, inscriptions, schemes).


- TIFF, TIF (Target Image File Format) : hardware independent format. Today it is one of the most widespread and reliable in polygraphy and facsimile transmission.


The Export method is 'enveloping'.


When exporting in the above graphic formats a dialogue opens requesting output file settings.




Export settings:


- Separate files : when enabled each report page is exported to a separate file; filenames are derived from the specified filename by suffixing an underscore + page number

- Monochrome : exports as a monochrome image

- Crop pages : blank space round the page edges are cropped

- JPEG quality : JPEG compression ratio; only enabled when exporting to JPEG format

- Resolution : graphic resolution of exported image


Export features: when the Separate files is disabled one very large file is created.