Limitations on use of subreports

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Since subreports are placed on the basic design page, they cannot contain any of the following bands: “ReportTitle/ReportFooter”, “PageTitle/PageFooter/PageBackground” or “ColumnTitle/ColumnFooter”. If any of these bands are placed on a nested report page they will not be recognised. For the same reason there is no point in changing any nested report page options, as the options of the basic report page override those of any nested pages.


Do not place objects below the “Subreport” object:




If this is done then the objects created in the subreport will overlay everything placed below the subreport object on the main design page, and the output will be something like this:




To display objects below or after a nested report, use a child band:




This method is also used when several Subreports must be placed one below the other. Use a child band for each Subreport and chain them together, setting the child property of Child1 to Child2, and so on.