Reset page numbers

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The “Group header” band has a “ResetPageNumbers” property which allows us to reset page numbers when printing a group. What is it for?


Here's an example : you have created a report which puts the customer name in a group header and customer orders in the data band. Now you need to print the report and send it to all your customers, each customer getting only the pages of the report which refer to them. Unfortunately, the page numbering in the report is continuous, so a customer getting the pages numbered 50 to 52 will ask "where are the first 49 pages?". To avoid this situation you have to number to each customer's pages with its own sequence. Inside the report each group will have pages numbered from 1.


Please note: if you set “ResetPageNumbers” to True, you should also set “StartNewPage” to True, so that each group will start on a new page. To print the page number or total pages, you should use the [Page] and [TotalPages] system variables and not [Page#] and [TotalPages#].