“Outline” object

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This object represents the "Report tree" control element in a previewed report.





The “Outline” displays a tree-like structure of the finished report. When any tree node is clicked the preview pane jumps to the page displaying this node. To display the “Outline” it should be enabled either by clicking the clip0199 button in the toolbar of the preview window or by setting the “Report.PreviewOptions.OutlineVisible” property to True. The “Outline's” width in pixels can be set there as well : “Report.PreviewOptions.OutlineWidth”.


The “Outline” methods are:




procedure AddItem

(const Text: String)

adds an element having “Text” name at the current tree position

the current report page and position on the page are linked

to the element

procedure LevelRoot

moves the current position in the tree to the root level

procedure LevelUp

moves the current position in the tree up one level