Data access components

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As a rule most  reports are based on data sourced from a DB. Delphi provides a variety of components for linking to DB data and FastReport makes use of these links. Here we discuss the use of “TTable” and “TQuery” components as data sources for reports, but in general any TDataSet descendant can be used.


As well as the data access components of Delphi projects, such as the “TfrxDBDataset” that we have used in our examples so far, there are several specific DB components in FastReport that can be used in reports, which ones are used being dependent on the choices made during installation. The principles of data access in FastReport are much the same as those used in the Delphi environment. Just as in Delphi a component is placed on a dialogue form and its properties are set in the object inspector. Component design is very flexible and new components to support different database engines can easily be created (see the Developers Manual). With the support of the “TfrxDesigner” component, they give end users of an application the ability to design reports at runtime.