Dot-matrix report printing

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To enable the actual printing of a previewed dot-matrix report it is necessary to first place a TfrxDotMatrixExport _img329 component from the “FastReport” component palette on your Delphi project form. This component handles the conversion of the preview report into the text format required by dot-matrix printers. It also replaces the normal printer dialogue with a special one for dot-matrix printers:




The printer dialogue is similar to the normal one, but has dot-matrix printer specifics. The printer's commands system must be chosen from the following list before printing (the ESC-commands):




There are also some other options for dot-matrix printing:


- Print to file : whether to send the print stream to a file on the hard disk. If enabled then the normal 'Save As...' dialogue appears

- Page breaks : whether a “Page break” control command is sent on reaching the bottom of the page. If disabled then printing is unbroken on continuous stationery

- ОЕМ-codepage : whether to perform symbol conversion

- Pseudographic : specifies how to draw vertical and horizontal lines. If disabled then lines are drawn using -, | and + symbols