Export to Excel XML Format

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XML (Extensible Markup Language) is an extendable markup language. XML is intended for structured data storage and also for information exchange between different programs. FastReport uses XML format for data transfer into Excel ver. 2003 and later.


Export method is 'table'.


On exporting to XML format the dialogue box for output file parameter settings appears.




Export parameters:


- Continuous - generate continuous document without page breaks and page headers/footers

- Page breaks – enables page breaks in the document

- WYSIWYG – accurate rendition of previewed report; when disabled optimization is allowed, reducing the number of lines and columns in the export file

- Background : background color of report page(s) exported to spreadsheet

- Open Excel after export : exported file is opened immediately after export.


Export features : RichText objects are exported as simple text; graphic images are not supported.