TfrxDBDataSet component

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The “TfrxDBDataSet” connector component clip0144 from the Delphi FastReport component palette is used to connect a table (or any other data source) to FastReport. This component acts as the messenger between the data source and the FastReport core. The component is responsible for record navigation and field reference. This allows the FastReport core to be independent of any data access library. FastReport can simultaneously work with “BDE”, “IB_Objects” (which have a non-standard implementation, incompatible with TDataSet) and other libraries, as well as with data from sources not connected to a DB, for example arrays or files. The "TfrxDBDataSet" component is intended for working with data sources compatible with TDataSet (such as BDE, ADO, IBX and the majority of other libraries). The “TfrxIBODataSet” component is intended for working with IB_Objects. The “TfrxUserDataSet” component clip0145 works with other data sources (arrays, files, etc.).


It is very easy to use the “TfrxDBDataSet” component. Connect it to the data source by setting the “DataSet” property (for direct connection to a table or a query) or the “DataSource” property (for connection via a “TDataSource” component). The two methods are equivalent and mutually exclusive, though the first does allow data management without requiring a “TDataSource” component.


To make the Delphi component (and the data connected to it) available to the report, any dataset used in the report must be enabled. Do this through the “Report>Data...” menu item in the FastReport designer, selecting the required datasets in the opened dialogue.