Report Export

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FastReport can export a previewed report to various formats for further editing, archiving or sending by e-mail, etc.. To enable export the appropriate FR export components must be added to the Delphi form.


FastReport can export to the following formats: PDF, Open Document Spreadsheet, Open Document Text, Excel 97/2000/XP, Excel XML, Excel 2007, RTF, Word 2007, PowerPoint 2007, HTML, text, CSV, BMP, Jpeg, Tiff, and Gif. Also, reports can be sent by e-mail in any of these listed formats.




FastReport uses one of the three following methods to export reports:


- 'Layer' : each report object is exported to a separate layer. The exported output approximates to the original preview.

- 'Table' : export of objects to the output file is by creation of a transitional grid in memory and then output of this grid. The exported output closely matches the original preview, based on the assumption that the principles of good report design were followed (see “Report Design considerations” chapter).

- 'Drawing' : exported objects are captured from the page image. The exported output is a direct copy of the preview. This method is used when exporting to graphic formats.