Query construction

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FastQueryBuilder can be used to compose queries visually. FastQueryBuilder is included in FastReport Professional and Enterprise editions, or alternatively it can be purchased as an independent product. The query builder builds queries visually in the SQL language. The builder is illustrated below:




1 - toolbar

2 – builder workspace

3 – list of available tables

4 – selected table field properties



clip0023 - open SQL file

clip0024 - save query to file (query diagram is also saved in the file)

clip0025 - clear builder workspace

clip0026 - ОK button : save and exit builder

clip0027 - Cancel button : exit builder without saving


The builder's workspace and the list of available tables support Drag&Drop, i.e. tables can be dragged onto the workspace with the mouse. Alternatively double-click on a table in the list of available tables.


To include a field from the table in the query select it in the list:




Selected fields appear in the field properties space (4):




- Visible : whether field appears in the output

- Where : field selection condition, e.g. '> 5'

- Sort : sorting direction for field

- Function : function applied to field

- Group : grouping on the field


By “dragging” fields between the tables in the workspace (2) “Join lines” appear. When fields are joined the compatibility of the types of the joined fields is checked. The builder prevents joins between type-incompatible fields. To change the join parameters hold the cursor over the “join line”, right-click and select the Options item. The Link Options dialogue will open, where the join can be configured, as below: