Report objects

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The FastReport Designer represents reports as a collection of schematic pages. Objects are placed anywhere on the report pages and are used to define the report's appearance and to display various information, such as text and graphics. FastReport objects which are included in the standard package are:


clip0130 - “Band” object : an area on a design page which behaves according to its type (e.g. Header band, Data band)

clip0131 - “Text” object :  displays one or more lines of text within a rectangular area

clip0132 - “Picture” object : displays a graphic file in “BMP,” “JPEG,” “ICO,” “WMF” or “EMF” format

clip0133 - “Line” object : displays a horizontal or vertical line

clip0134 - “System text” object : displays either system information (date, time, page number, etc) or aggregate values

clip0135 - “Subreport” object : allows insertion of another report design page within the host page

clip0136 - “Draw” category objects : displays various geometrical shapes

(diagonal line, rectangle, rounded rectangle, ellipse, triangle and diamond)

clip0137 - “Chart” object : displays data in various chart formats (pie chart, histogram, etc.)

clip0138 - “RichText” object : displays text in Rich Text Format (RTF)

clip0139 - “CheckBox” object : displays a checkbox with either a tick or a cross

clip0140 - “Barcode” object : displays data as one of several barcode types

clip0141 - “OLE” object : displays any object using OLE technology.


The basic objects most commonly used are the “Band” and “Text” objects. You will learn about their capabilities in detail later in this chapter.