Other group features

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Let’s look at how the group is output when the report calls for a new page:




Looking at the report, it is unclear to which client the list of orders at the top of the second page refers. FastReport allows the group header to be output on the new page (which in our case identifies the client). To do this, enable the “ReprintOnNewPage” property for the “Group header” band using the object inspector or the context menu . This will alter the report as shown:




There is another way to avoid breaking groups at page boundaries. This is to enable the “KeepTogether” property for the group header in the object inspector or context menu. Then, if the whole group doesn't fit into the free space on the output page, it is moved as a whole to a new page. In our example, appearing like this:




A lot of blank space may be left on some pages but, if possible, the group is displayed complete on one page.


The “StartNewPage” group header property allows the output of groups on separate pages. It possibly will lead to a wastage of paper but might be useful in some situations.