Some useful settings

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Let's look at some useful settings for controlling the chart's appearance. These settings can only be accessed through the object inspector of the chart editor.


These basic properties are available when 'Chart' is selected in the Chart Structure:


- Gradient : settings for gradient background fill. Enable the “Gradient.Visible” property to show gradients

- Legend : settings for the Legend List. The List can be hidden through the “Legend.Visible” property and its position set through the “Legend.Alignment” property.


The following properties are available when a series has been selected:


- ColorEachPoint : color each value with a different color

- ExplodeBiggest : outset the largest value (only works for pie charts)

- Marks : settings for the look of chart labels

- ValueFormat : the line for formatting values


Note that all charting capabilities are accessible in the TeeChart Pro library (which can be bought separately from This library contains many types of chart and inludes a convenient chart and series editor.