Report designer

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Let's look at the design of a simple report using data access components at runtime. It will use the Demo.mdb database that comes with FastReport as the data source - {FR}\Demos\Main\demo.mdb.


Create a new Delphi project and add one each of “TfrxReport”, “TfrxDesigner”, “TfrxDialogControls”, “TfrxADOComponents”, "TADOConnection" and  "TButton” components to the form.




Setup the database connection by double-clicking on the “TADOConnection”, and choosing "Build connection string", the provider ("Microsoft Jet 4.0 OLE DB Provider") and the database ({FR}\Demos\Main\demo.mdb). Close the connection dialogue with OK and set the component properties here:



LoginPrompt = False



DefaultDatabase = ADOConnection1



Define the following handler for the “Design” button:


procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);





After that, compile and run the project. This is all you need to do to create an end-user runtime reports designer.


When the “Design” button is clicked the FR report designer opens, containing a blank report. Let's look at the design of a simple report in this environment.