Sending a Report via E-mail

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FastReport can send a finished report by e-mail in any format required without the need for a separate mail application.


When exporting by e-mail the E-mail setup dialogue is opened. Before exporting begins the sender's email account details should be set on the “Account” tab:




- From Name :– sender’s name

- From Address : sender’s e-mail address

- Organization : sender’s organization

- Signature : signature for e-mail; it can be generated by clicking on the “Build” button once the earlier fields have been filled in

- Host : SMTP server service

- Port : SMTP server port

- Login : access name for authorization on SMTP server, if required by the specified SMTP server

- Password : authorization password, if required by the specified SMTP server

- Remember properties : remember all fields for further usage


After filling in the necessary fields on the “Account” tab, the message fields on the "E-mail” tab must be completed:




- Address : e-mail address of recipient; previously used addresses can be selected from the drop-down list

- Subject : message subject; previously used subjects can be selected from the drop-down list

- Text : message text

- Format : format of exported report attached to the e-mail; select one of the available export formats; the FastReport (FR3) format is also available for selection

- Advanced export settings : when enabled the OK button opens the appropriate export format settings dialogue; when disabled default export settings are used


Export via e-mail features: only plain authentication on SMTP servers is supported. If authentication is not required then it is not necessary to enter “Login” and “Password”.