From August 15 to September 15 20% discount on FastReport VCL  Professional and Enterprise editions

Learn more about the special terms 
for non-standard use of the report generators

Interactive data visualization
library for .NET WinForms

С#-library for report generation
and document creating on .NET 6,
Blazor, .NET Core, ASP.NET, MVC 
and WinForms

Fast and compact report generator
library for Delphi and Lazarus
Contains a visual report designer, 
custom data processing logic, 
30+ export document formats, 
printing and clouds delivery

Pascal - library for creating OLAP 
Cubes for Delphi and Lazarus.
Let your users analyze their data 
in any way they require!

Our News


How to send and receive reports via Outlook in FastReport VCL

Sergey Plastun

In this article, you will be introduced to a new sub-category of transports that became available with version 2022.2.7 and which is called “mail transports”. Now it includes 2 componen...

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How to connect plugin for Cassandra from FastReport .NET

Vladislav Yarovoy

We are pleased to present you a new plug-in for configuring а connection to Cassandra, which is available for FastReport .NET, FastReport Core, FastReport CoreWin, FastReport OpenSource. Let’s n...

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Installing FastReport in Lazarus for Linux and Windows

Sergey Plastun

We are pleased to present you the long-awaited release of Lazarus version 2.2.0, in which we implemented the full-fledged function to work with packages without source code. On that occasion, we are r...

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