A modern high-performance library for generating 
reports and documents based on WPF, 
powered by the SkiaSharp graphics engine.

A cloud-based online service (SaaS) 
for creating, storing, and editing reports 
and documents, which allows you 
to configure and implement reporting 
in business with minimal programmer involvement

Autonomous low-code solution 
for automatic report generation 
and delivery from databases
with export to any format

Looking for a better reporting solution? 
Learn why developers choose FastReport, 
and how to save time and money migrating 
from your current report generator.

Learn more about the special terms 
for non-standard use of the report generators

Watch our step-by-step video guides  on working with FastReport  on our YouTube channel 

Interactive data visualization
library for .NET WinForms

С#-library for report generation
and document creating on .NET 7,
Blazor, .NET Core, ASP.NET, MVC 
and WinForms

Fast and compact report generator
library for Delphi and Lazarus
Contains a visual report designer, 
custom data processing logic, 
30+ export document formats, 
printing and clouds delivery

Pascal - library for creating OLAP 
Cubes for Delphi and Lazarus.
Let your users analyze their data 
in any way they require!

Our News


How to make price tags with product composition in FastReport VCL

Den Zubov

When printing labels, price tags, and other formats with limited sizes, there is a challenge where design approaches for such reports are constrained. In such conditions, the text object can only grow...

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Installing FastReport and FastCube components in Lazarus

Sergey Plastun

The release of the new version of Delphi in 2023.3 introduced changes in the internal infrastructure of the products. In this article, we will talk about the installation of FastReport components i...

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New NextCloud transport in FastReport VCL

Sergey Plastun

More than 5 years ago we added new special components—"Transports." They help save generated reports to the cloud and use files (for example, pictures) located in the cloud to build reports. Wi...

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