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Dec 24, 2021

FastReport .NET Professional

Reporting for .NET 5, .NET Core, Blazor, ASP .NET and WinForms.

Nov 26, 2021

QR codes were discovered back in the Middle Ages!

Today, it’s hard to find an individual who doesn’t know what a “QR code” is and what it looks like. It is not known whether the introduction and their subsequent use is a consequence of the pandemic (it is better to talk about them in a separate article), but absolutely everyone has become familiar with black and white squares.

Nov 19, 2021

.NET 6.0 update

A closer look at what’s under the hood of .NET 6 in addition to our previous post on the topic.

Nov 12, 2021

A closer look at FastReport Cloud — cloud reporting

FastReport Cloud is a set of tools for building documents. The service allows making reports and documents based on preconceived templates kept in a cloud.

Nov 10, 2021

Brand new Microsoft .NET 6 and Visual Studio 2022

Microsoft announced the new technology on November 8.

What’s new in .NET 6 for developers?

Oct 14, 2021

Happy boss — Happy developer? Or the other way around?

How to pull data from different independent systems with no programmers included.

Mar 14, 2021

Generate Powerful Reports Instantly With FastReport On Windows, macOS, And Linux

FastReport VCL & FMX – is an add-on component that allows your application to generate reports swiftly and efficiently. FastReport gives all the essential tools to develop reports, including a visual report designer, a reporting core, and a preview window. It can be utilized in the Delphi, C++Builder, and RAD Studio environments.

Oct 19, 2020

How is your data holding up?

Do you store COVID-19 data in Excel?

Can the report show not all data?
Here you can read a wonderful story about how almost 16,000 cases of Covid-19 infection were left out in the UK because the Excel spreadsheet ran out of space.

Sep 23, 2020

How can software help in fighting COVID-19?

For decades, the FastReport and FastCube libraries have been helping to organize fast reporting and powerful multidimensional analytics in various applications and industries. Particularly in Medicine.

May 26, 2020

How to make PDF on Raspberry PI with .NET Core

Raspberry PI is a miniature single-board computer with ARM processor. This microcomputer is often used as an educational platform or for development of embedded solutions.