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FastReport Desktop is an independent software for creating, delivering and automating reports, which will be an excellent replacement for FastReport Studio

What can I do with it? 

Basically, get rid of reporting related routines. FastReport Desktop is made to:

  • Design reports
  • Automate operations on reports
  • Build reports from command line
  • Batch report processing
  • Export reports to various formats
  • Send reports by email
  • Save reports on a local disk or remote resources
  • Do it all on a schedule
  • Replacing the outdated FastReport Studio solution

No programming required!


How does it work?

How does FR.DESKTOP work

Step 1: Create report template and connect it to the database in Report Designer

Step 2: Specify what do you want to do with your report. Do you want to export it in PDF? Or maybe Excel? Send to an email or maybe print? It's up to you!

Step 3: Schedule the task. Set the day and hour you want to have your reports on your desk.

Step 4: Have some coffee. From now on your job is done.


Send your feedback to and let us know what do you think!


What is it made of?


1. Report designer

Powerful visual report designer for creating and modifying your reports. 

Report Designer


2. Viewer

Tool for viewing and printing your reports.


3. Builder

Console utility to automate report building and processing.


4. Configurator

GUI tool for creating tasks for builder.


5. Scheduler

Tool for running builder tasks on a schedule.


FastReport Desktop
Task Configurator
FastReport Desktop
Task Scheduler
FastReport Desktop
FastReport Desktop

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Richard Kirk

Excellent Product! Only thing I'd like to see is the inclusion of pascal scripting.


I used to use fastreport studio for many years because of its document generation convenience and easy compatibility with my program. I recently switched to Fastreport Desktop, and I was very pleased with it! I especially liked the user-friendly designer and a large selection of export formats. Special thanks to the support for solving my problem. I recommend it to everyone!

Ivan M.

I use FastReports in both apps for internal use and for our clients and have done so for many many years. My first purchase was FastReport Studio. Now I am actively using "Desktop". I don't think there is a comparable product on the market in terms of maturity, ease of use, or functionality. Especially for apps developed for our clients (we're an IT services and support company based in the City of London, so app development isn't our core business), it allows us to quickly and professionally deliver a product which has the look & feel and usefulness of software written by much bigger teams over a longer time frame. It just works, and works very very well, and allows either really quick, simple reporting all the way up to intricate and advanced reports via the inbuilt 'coding environment within an environment' scripting capabilities.

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