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FastReport Online Designer is a cross-platform report designer that allows creating and editing reports via any platform mobile devices.


FastReport Online Designer is a visual report designer for Web

Create, edit and preview your reports on tablets, mobile and desktop computers regardless of compatibility!

FastReport Online Designer requiers additional products for work! It's FastReport.NetFastReport Core or FastReport Open Source. Read the special tutorial to set the product up correctly.



FastReport Online Designer allows creating, editing and viewing reports on devices with Android, iOS or Windows platform. Designer can be run on any device with a modern browser whether it's a computer, tablet, smartphone, game console or a TV set

FastReport Online Deisgner on different platforms


  • FastReport Online Designer has adaptive interface: interaction with the user is adjusted according to platform's capabilities. Full-scale browser operation is possible due to FastReport Online Designer's touch-oriented interface
  • Familiar to business-user interface of office-application with full hotkeys support
  • Designer's style completely correlates with your web-application style: from classic office to minimalistic

Live ASP.NET Online Designer Demo 



  • Configurate according to your needs: include only the components you need. Designer becomes fast and lightweight
  • Nothing extra. Do not overload interface with unnecessary details! Add only what your user needs


Supports all modern browsers!

  • Online Designer does not use Flash or Java technology which reduces loading and saving time 
  • Internet connection required only for initial loading, saving and report preview. Being loaded once, the designer can be used further on even without the Internet connection


Comparison of FastReport Designers


Designer's main screen
"Text Object" component
Data Sources
Cellular Text Object
Picture Object
Matrix Object


Thammapat Chatjiraroj

Hi, It's a great product. I have turned a design page in a desktop pc that has a familiar interface can be used immediately. Find things or other menu is not difficult. In design page, create / edit / delete any object easy to use for desktop pc, but android screen 4.3" everything is very difficult because the interface design for desktop pc/tablet. Preview, Print, Save, Export done smoothly in the Desktop but the android experience problems with pressing the Back (Soft Button) screen disappear immediately. In desktop, when save report to pdf the file name is short and easy to understand, but in android show the long url which is incomprehensible and confusing. thank you for reading.

idris sanda

really amazing :) Good work

Saeed Jannesar

Thanks Great job


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