Installation of FastReport Online Designer

To install FastReport Online Designer, you should first compile it using a special tool. This constructor is available on the developer’s website.

This approach allows you to configure the package for themselves.

1) Run the FastReport Online Designer Designer in the customer panel.
On the first tab of the designer, we are asked to select Appearance:
none - no top toolbar;
classic - a complete report designer;
mini - upper toolbar contains the minimum of necessary components and capabilities.


2) Go to the "Configuration" tab,
Here you can set some limitations for the design of the report.


 3) In the "Components" tab you can disable unnecessary items. To do this, turn off the boxes next to them. This will save space on your web site.


4) On the "Bands" tab, you can turn off the unnecessary items. Use the check boxes in front of them.


5) In the "Interactive Control" you can disable the unnecessary controls using checkboxes.


6) On the tab "Settings" you can disable some FastReport Online Designer features. For example, you can exclude the possibility of working with data from a database or remove an event mechanism.


7) We complete configuration on the "Plugins" tab. There is also the ability to "facilitate" the package, removing unnecessary functionality.


8) When you move to the last tab "Plugins" the button "Build" will appear in the lower right corner of the designer. Click on the button.  The message appears instead of the button:

 Click on the link. Now the package is available for download.

Download the archive with the package FR Online Designer. Unpack it on your website.
Online designer can work with web reports FastReport .Net

You can learn about the settings in the online designer FastReport.Net in documentation



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