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FastReport Corporate Server is a scalable private server designed for building, storing, editing, and sending reports for your business with the ability to integrate into existing corporate data processing systems.


Data Security

Data Security

Private file generation and storage. Secure login, access control and data backup – FastReport Corporate Server collected all mechanisms for secure work.

Scheduled documents

Scheduled documents

Set up the automatic reports generation and choose the preferred method of sending them to the user: for downloading, by e-mail, or by providing access to the repository.

Storage of documents

Storage of documents

Convenient location of data in catalogs with the ability to save in the desired format.



The architecture based on the Kubernetes / OpenShift cluster allows you to use our solution in corporate systems of any complexity.

Management and control

Management and control

Control the user groups access to various functions and track the activity of the entire system.

Support and maintenance

Support and maintenance

Assistance in the implementation and deployment of FastReport Corporate Server.


FastReport Corporate Server

Purpose of use

  • Create a dedicated cluster for forming documents of any level of complexity.
  • Integrate the cluster into existing or developing corporate systems.
  • Set up security sharing of templates and documents.
  • Manage the scaling of the cluster.
  • Control cluster performance.

Generation of documents and reports

  • Creation of documents using the powerful FastReport report generator.
  • Creation of the document’s layout (template) in a cross-platform visual designer: you can change the appearance of the document in any browser without a permanent connection to the Internet.
  • Usage of templates previously created in FastReport .NET, FastReport Desktop, and FastReport for DBA.
  • Reports can contain data from JSON, CSV, XML, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Oracle.
  • Creation of documents in the most popular formats, such as PDF, XLSX, DOCX, PPTX, and Open Office.
  • Ability to use the digital signature in PDF and DOCX.
  • Support of QR codes, barcodes, labels.
  • Multilevel data grouping, sorting and filtering.
  • Unlimited master-detail nesting.
  • Generating tabular reports and pivot tables.
  • Support for charts and geo-reports.
  • Unlimited data processing capabilities.


  • Creation of documents with the powerful FastReport report generator.
  • Creation of a layout (template) of documents in a cross-platform visual designer: you can change the look of a document in any browser without a constant Internet connection.
  • Possibility to use digital signature of documents PDF.
  • Support of QR codes, barcodes (linear and 2D), labels.
  • Multilevel data grouping, sorting and filters.
  • Unlimited master-detail nesting.
  • Generation of tabular reports and summary tables.
  • Support of charts and geo-reports.
  • Unlimited possibilities of data processing in scripts.

If you use FastReport .NET, FastReport Desktop/FastReport for DBA, then all your report templates will be transferred without data loss. We will implement the possibility to transfer templates from FastReport VCL later.

The report can contain data from JSON, CSV, XML, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle.

You can get documents in the most popular formats:

PDF: versions 1.5 and 1.7, PDF/A (1, 2, 3), PDF/X (3, 4);
Office: RTF, Excel 2007, Excel 97, Word 2007, PowerPoint 2007, Open Office Calc, Open Office Writer, XML, XAML, LaTeX;
Graphics: BMP, PNG, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, EMF, SVG, DXF, PPML, PostScript;
DataBase: CSV, DBF, Json;
As well as: Text, ZPL, XPS.

Yes, you can use a scheduler that can schedule reports and conveniently deliver them.

  • Download from the generated link;
  • Receive by e-mail;
  • Save the finished file to cloud storage, FTP.
  • Control of access to documents and templates;
  • Management of user groups;
  • OpenAPI authentication;
  • Data backup and online restore mechanisms.
  • Remote access of service users to templates and files;
  • Remote access to the service administration system;
  • Remote access to the cluster management system;
  • System function monitoring (Prometheus, Grafana, Zabbix).
  • Assistance for the implementation and deployment of FastReport Corporate Server;
  • Assistance for the integration into existing systems - development of additional services for data exchange;
  • Assistance for the restore in case of hardware and software failures;
  • Assistance for the development of templates to produce documents based on source data;
  • Support of FastReport Corporate Server throughout the entire life cycle.

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