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Free tool for viewing FP3 and FPX files

Open and view FP3 and FPX files

FastReport Viewer - free tool for viewing FP3 and FPX files, containing prepared FastReport document. 

It supports all modern formats, such as FP3 (both FastReport VCL and FastReport FMX), FPX (FastReport .NET and FastReport Open Source).

FastReport Viewer automatically identifies the version of FP3 file between VCL/FMX and starts relevant viewer.
Works on Windows, MacOS and Linux.


This utility can open built documents created by the FastReport family.

It supports 2 formats: FP3 (VCL/FMX) and FPX.

A user does not need to select it as FastReport Viewer determines the data format automatically.

The utility works on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.


FastReport Viewer
FastReport Viewer
FastReport Viewer
FastReport Viewer
FastReport Viewer
FastReport Viewer
FastReport Viewer
FastReport Viewer
FastReport Viewer
FastReport Viewer

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