Control keys
Mouse control
Designer mode bar
Standard toolbar
Text toolbar
Frame toolbar
Align toolbar
Designer options
Report settings
Page options
Creating reports
Report objects
“Hello, World!” report example
The “Text” object
HTML-tags in the "Text" object
Displaying expressions with the help of the "Text" object
Bands in FastReport
Data bands
TfrxDBDataSet component
“Customer List” report
Displaying DB fields with the help of the "Text" object
“Picture” object
Report with pictures
Multi-lined text display
Data splitting
Text wrap of objects
Displaying data in the form of a table
Printing labels
Shifting objects
Report with two data levels (master-detail)
Headers and footers of a data band
Multi-page reports
RowCount and PageCount properties
Groups and aggregates
Report with groups
Other group features
Reset page numbers
Drill-down groups
Line numbering
Aggregate functions
Page and report totals
Inserting aggregate functions
Formatting, highlighting
Formatting of values
Inline formatting
Conditional highlighting
Coloring alternate data rows
Nested reports (subreports)
Nested reports (subreports)
Side-by-side subreports
Limitations on use of subreports
PrintOnParent option
A Taste of Script
Structure of a script
"Hello, World!" script
Using objects in the script
Calling the variables from the report’s variables list
Referencing the DB fields
Using aggregate functions in the script
Displaying a variable’s value in a report
Example of using the “OnBeforePrint” event
Printing a group sum in the group header
“OnAfterData” event
Service objects
“Report” object
“Engine” object
“Outline” object
Using the “Engine” object
Using the “Outline” object
“OnManualBuild” page event
Creation of objects in the script
Cross-tab reports
Constructing a cross-tab report
Changing the appearance
Using functions
Sorting values
Tables with composite headers
Adjusting cell width
Font colors and highlighting
Managing a cross-tab in script
Adjusting row/column size
Filling a table manually
Adding external objects to the table
Some useful settings
Limiting the number of chart values
Some useful settings
Chart with manually entered values
Chart completion from Script
Printing a chart built in Delphi
Dot-Matrix reports
Cross-tab in dot-matrix
Dot-matrix report printing
“Command” object
Dialogue forms
"Hello, World!" report
Entering parameters and transferring them into a report
Interaction with controls
Several dialogue forms
Managing dialogue forms
Data access components
Component descriptions
Report designer
Simple report of “List” type
Report with parametric query
Other useful features
Report inheritance
Creating a base report
Changing a base report
Inheritance control
New report wizard
New connection wizard
New table wizard
New query wizard
Query construction
Using the Query constructor
Complex query building
Report viewing, printing and export
Control keys
Mouse control
Report printing
Text search in reports
Report Export
Export to PDF Format
Export to Open Document
Export to RTF Format
Export to Excel
Export to XML Format
Export to CSV Format
Export into HTML Format
Export to Text Format
Export to Jpeg, BMP, Gif, Tiff Graphic Formats
Sending a Report via E-mail
Report Design considerations

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