9. Oktober 2008

FastReport VCL 4.7 with Delphi 2009 support released!

+ CodeGear RAD Studio (Delphi/C++Builder) 2009 support
+ [enterprise] enchanced error description in logs
+ added properties TfrxHTMLExport.HTMLDocumentBegin: TStrings, 
  TfrxHTMLExport.HTMLDocumentBody: TStrings, TfrxHTMLExport.HTMLDocumentEnd: TStrings
+ improved RTF export (with line spacing, vertical gap etc)
+ added support of Enhanced Metafile (EMF) images in Rich Text (RTF), Open Office (ODS), Excel (XLS) exports
+ added OnAfterScriptCompile event 
+ added onLoadRecentFile Event
+ added C++ Builder demos
+ added hot-key Ctrl + mouseWheel - Change scale in designer
+ added TfrxMemoView.AnsiText property
- fixed bug in RTF export with EMF pictures in OpenOffice Writer
- fixed some multi-thread isuues in engine, PDF, ODF exports
- [enterprise] fixed integrated template of report navigator
- [enterprise] fixed bug with export in Internet Explorer browser
- fixed bug with font size of dot-matix reports in Excel and XML exports
- fixed bug in e-mail export with many addresses
- fixed bug in XLS export (with fast export unchecked and image object is null)
- [enterprise] fixed bug in TfrxReportServer.OnGetVariables event
- fixed bug in Calcl function
- fixed memory leak in Cross editor
- fixed progress bar and find dialog bug in DualView
- fixed bug in PostNET and ean13 barcodes
- fixed bug with TruncOutboundText in Dot Matrix report 
- fixed bugs with break points in syntaxis memo
- improved BeforeConnect event in ADO  
- fixed bug in inhehited report with internal dataset
- fixed bug in TfrxPanelControl with background color(Delphi 2005 and above)

And remember - upgrade for all users of FastReport 4.* - free!

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