11. Februar 2005

FastReport 3.10

- added Swiss, Portuguese, Latvian resources
- added TfrxReport.OnEndDoc event
- added TfrxReportServer.OnAfterBuildReport event
- improved export filters
- added shadows in HTML, PDF, XLS, XML, RTF exports
- added page frames in HTML, PDF, XLS, XML exports
- added backgrounds in HTML, PDF, XLS, XML exports
- added resources for navigator in the HTML export filter
- added TfrxXLSExport.AsText property
- added outline in PDF export filter (TfrxPDFExport.Outline proper
- added TfrxPDFExport.Author, TfrxPDFExport.Subject properties
- added "Stream" property in all export filters
- fixed the bug of the diagonal line export
- fixed numbers format bug in XML export filter
- fixed the bug of greek symbols export to PDF format
- fixed the bug print of the report result after using the dialog form
- fixed the bug of the multiple show the same dialog web form
- report session bug fixes
- fixed the bug of log rotate function properties
- fixed the bug of the thick lines print on the second page
- fixed the AV bug on the many pages export (more 50 pages)

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