18. Dezember 2018

Die neue Version von FastReport .NET - 2019.1

In neuer Version FastReport .NET 2019.1 fügte wir folgende Eigenschaften und Features hinzu: die Steuerung des Drucks der genauen Seiten (Eigenschaft ReportPage.Printable), Optimierung der SVG Objekte, Berichtigung der Fehler im Source Code, die beim Verwenden der Code Analyse von PVS-Studio Software gefunden wurden. Es gibt auch Demo Beispiele der Arbeit von FastReport Core in Docker Container unter CentOS und mit dem Framework Vue.js.

Version 2019.1


+ added property FastReport.Utils.Config.PreparedCompressed (default value: true) for enable or disable the compression in files with prepared reports (fpx)
+ added the ability to disable hotkeys in designer and preview
+ added property ReportPage.Printable (default value: true) for enable or disable printing of the page
* SVG object is optimized, removed inheritance SVGObject from PictureObject, then now SVG object is not drawn in memory for its display in vector exports
> Pay attention for working with the SVG object, it is now unlinked from the PictureObject, in consequence two properties are no longer available: Tile - which rendered the SVG image with vertical and horizontal repetition, and Image - which stored the image to be drawn. The denial of the last property allowed to draw an SVG object in vector exports without rendering the raster image in memory. You need to double-check your reports if you used the SVG object as an inheritance of a PictureObject.
- fixed a bug with high engine loads with reports using guide lines
- fixes bug with "optional hyphen" in rich text parser
- fixed bug with System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException in MSChartObject.DeleteSeries(int index) method
- fixed bug with null value returned from FastReport.Utils.Variant.ToString() method
- fixed bug with not used parameter in FastReport.Utils.FastString.FastString(int) constructor
- fixed bug with possible infinite recursion inside TextObject.ParagraphFormat property
- fixed bug with System.IndexOutOfRangeException in BarcodeCodabar.GetPattern() method
- fixed a bug with the size of the text offset when using TextObject.ParagraphOffset
- fixed bug with printing band when Printable property is disabled
- fixed a bug with calculating the size of the SVG object, when negative values are used in the ViewBox
- fixed a bug with drawing when a text object contained only tab characters


+ added saving last active tab of the designer options window
- fixed bug when format controls stay enabled after deleting object
- fixed bug with saving sql query by Finish button
- fixed bug with System.NullReferenceException when trying to copy DialogPage
- fixed bug with enabled buttons in group Report->Bands when active page is DialogPage
- fixed bug with enabled buttons "Grid", "Guides", "Automatic Guides", "Delete Horizontal Guides" and "Delete Vertical Guides" when active page is DialogPage
- fixed order of objects in toolbar
- fixed bug with incorrect position of not-maximized window (window is not visible) on turned off second monitor
- fixed memory leak in CSV connection
- fixed bug with blank condition in Group Header
- fixed bug with System.ArgumentException in Chart Editor when Width of Strip less than zero
- fixed bug with System.ArgumentException in Chart Editor when Step of Markers less than one


* now Duplex will be changed in Print window if it has been changed in printer settings
- fixed icon size when using <dpiAware>true</dpiAware>


* improved font packaging in pdf export, using simple ligatures (fi, tt)
* improved font style emulation in pdf
- fixed text display in pdf export on linux systems, when text starts with a tab
- fixed missed "</html>" tag in HTML export with single page
- fixed bug with pdf export, when the default number format is symbolic, not digital


+ added a demo project, how to use FastReport Core in the CentOS docker container (\Demos\Core\FastReportCore.MVC.CentOS)
+ added a demo project, how to use FastReport Core together Vue.js (\Demos\Core\FastReportCore.Vue)
- fixed too long message showing "Printing page N" in FastReport.NET Demo

[.Net Core]

* removed api of dialogues from the version for .Net Core
- fixed white space wrapping to a new line
- fixed bug with roslyn wrapper, when an warning is raised as error level


* updated json connector for working with latest version
* updated Greek resources


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