10. Mai 2018

Das neue FastReport FMX - 2.6

In diesem Release wurde das Support von letzter Version von Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.2 IDE und Fehler, über die unsere Customer uns informiert haben, wurden berichtigt.

Version 2.6
+ Added support of Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.2 with compatibility fixes:
- Added modal dialog OSX workaround (fixed when dialog appears behind non-modal form)
- Fixed wrong barcode text size when printing under OSX
- Fixed HTML tags on OSX
- Fixed variables editor
- Fixed general printers errors under OSX
- Fixed printing of HTML text

General fixes:
+ Added text split for simple text render
- Changed text alignment in PDF export
- Fixed calcheight function for simple text render under OSX
- Fixed Align grid in the report designer
- Fixed text search for OSX(frxCompareText)
- Fixed several multi-thread problems
- Double buffered preview fix for shapes objects
- Fixed printing from GDIP context
- Fixed parameters editor for RAD Studio 10.1
- Fixed TfrxDBLookupComboBox filling
- Fixed formatting in PDF export
- Fixed text vertical align on windows
- Fixed scrollbars in the XE3
- Fixed Financial series for TeeChart Pro
- Fixed OpenAfterExport in the CSV export


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