21. September 2007

FastReport 4.4 released!

What is new in the version 4.4
+ added support for CodeGear RAD Studio 2007
+ improved speed of PDF, HTML, RTF, XML, ODS, ODT exports
+ added TfrxReportPage.BackPictureVisible, BackPicturePrintable properties
+ added rtti for the TfrxCrossView.CellFunctions property
+ added properties TfrxPDFExport.Keywords, TfrxPDFExport.Producer, TfrxPDFExport.HideToolbar,
TfrxPDFExport.HideMenubar, TfrxPDFExport.HideWindowUI, TfrxPDFExport.FitWindow,
TfrxPDFExport.CenterWindow, TfrxPDFExport.PrintScaling
+ added ability recompile frxFIB packages in "recompile wizard"
+ added ability to set color property for all teechart series which support it
+ added, setting frame style for each frame line in style editor
+ added TfrxPreview.Locked property and TfrxPreview.DblClick event
+ added 'invalid password' exception when load report without crypt
+ added new parameter to InheritFromTemplate (by default = imDefault) imDefault - show Error dialog, imDelete - delete duplicates, imRename - rename duplicates
+ added property TfrxRTFExport.AutoSize (default is "False") for set vertical autosize in table cells
* redesigned dialog window of PDF export
* improved WYSIWYG in PDF export
- fixed bug, the PageFooter band overlap the ReportSummary band when use EndlessHeight
- fixed bug with lage paper height in preview
- fixed bug with outline and encryption in PDF export
- fixed bug with solid arrows in PDF export
- fixed bug when print TfrxHeader on a new page if ReprintOnNewPage = true and KeepFooter = True
- fixed bug when used AllowSplit and TfrxGroupHeader.KeepTogether
- fixed page numbers when print dotMatrix report without dialog
- fixed bug with EndlessHeight in multi-columns report
- fixed font dialog in rich editor
- [fs] fixed bug when create TWideStrings in script code
- fixed bug with dialog form when set TfrxButtonControl.Default property to True
- fixed twice duplicate name error in PreviewPages designer when copy - past object
- fixed bug with Preview.Clear and ZmWholePage mode
- fixed bug with using "outline" together "embedded fonts" options in PDF export
- fixed multi-thread bug in PDF export
- fixed bug with solid fill of transparent rectangle shape in PDF export
- fixed bug with export OEM_CODEPAGE in RTF, Excel exports
- fixed bug with vertical size of single page in RTF export
- fixed bug with vertical arrows in PDF export
- fixed memory leak with inherited reports

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