8 paź 2009

FastCube 1.6 released!

FastCube 1.6---------------+ Added function TfcAxis.GetVisibleIndexFromAbs(ALevel: Integer; AAbsIndex: Integer; var AIndex: integer; var AVisible: Boolean): Boolean;+

21 wrz 2009

FastReport 4.8 released!

! + added support of Embarcadero Rad Studio 2010 (Delphi/C++Builder)! + added TfrxMailExport.OnSendMail event !

17 kwi 2009

FastReport Studio 4.7 released!

FastReport Studio 4.7 released!• Added new demonstration program for Sybase PowerBuilder• Improved DrillDownd mechanism, should

16 mar 2009

FastReport .NET released!

We are glad to announce a new product - FastReport.NET. FastReport.NET is a full-featured reporting

12 lut 2009

FastCube 1.5 released!

FastCube 1.5 released!+ Changed: row height calculation algorithm of the X Axis+ Added property: TfcGrid.MaxRowHeightInXAxis+

7 lip 2008

FastScript 1.94 released!

-added new RTTI functions/properties:TCustomIniFile.WriteTStrings,TCustomIniFile.ReadTStrings,TIBTransaction.Commit,TIBTransaction.RollBack,TIBTransaction.StartTransaction,TIBQuery.FetchAll,TIBQuery.RecordCount,TChartSeries.Active,TChartSeries.Count,TChartSeries.Delete.-fixed bug with "in" operator.-functions return null value by default-fixed bug with

9 kwi 2008

FastReport Studio 4.6 released!

+ added IfrxCheckBoxView interface+ added encryption for password protected reports. Please, backup your password protected

18 mar 2008

Updated FAQ

Added FAQ sections for Fast Report 4 VCL and for Fast Report Studio.