September 19, 2019

Webinar on FastReport VCL 6 features

Thanks to everyone who was there with us during our webinar! Below we collected questions that you asked along with our answers:  

Q: USPS bar code - can you briefly show it in a report? How do you format data for the barcode to meet the USA postal regulations? Show how to format data for the USPS bar code to meet standards for the US postal service???

A:  It depends on your source data. The code should be 20 or 31 digits and you can use expressions to form barcode data, like <ID> + <ServiceID> + <MailerID> + <SerialNumber> + <Zip> in Expression property.


Q: Adding extra bands looks interesting. How about adding just one last row to occupy the rest of free space (but to leave just enough for the page footer)?

A: You can use report script and set band height from the code to Engine.FreeSpace - 0.00001 in the band OnBeforePrint event.


Q: What is the difference between release and current versions in the user portal?

A: Current version may have experimental features which will be removed later also you can encounter bugs as well.


Q: Can we transfer existing reports to Lazarus ?

A: Yes, you can.


Q: Any plans to fix image transparency in the Lazarus version? It seems like such a trivial thing.

A: We are going to investigate this issue. We will fix what we can, but lazarus itself works rather poorly with transparency.


Q: Older FR VCL gives very large PDF files; are the new ones smaller?

A: It depends what content do you have in a report. FR6 now uses vectors for Charts , Rich Text and maps, so for these objects the size of the file will be smaller than in previous versions.


Q: QR code change its size whit it's content

A: You can change this behavior by changing TfrxBarcode2DView.AutoSize property and set it to False.


Q: Can I print barcode from Lazarus ?

A: Yes, you can.


Q: Can we use barcode in FastReport FMX too ?

A: Yes, but some of barcode types from FastReport VCL are not available in FastReport FMX.


Q: Can we use FastReport FMX for Android and iOS devices ?

A: No, we don’t have support of mobile platform, yet.


Q: Is/will be Cocoa/MacOS supported under Lazarus?

A: We are looking at it. And partially it already works.


Q: Just double-checking about SVG images, are they now supported by image component?

A: Unfortunately, no, we do not support SVG natively.





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