August 29, 2023

Release of the New FastReport WPF Report Generator

FastReport WPF


We are excited to announce the release of the first version of the report generator for Windows Presentation Foundation - FastReport WPF.

This high-performance library for creating reports and documents will assist you in developing business applications to meet various needs on the .NET Desktop and Web platforms. Create, view, and export detailed, visually appealing, interactive reports using a lightweight, versatile reporting tool.

The report generator includes a powerful core for building reports, a user-friendly designer with a familiar interface, and a fast viewer of reports. FastReport WPF uses the SkiaSharp graphics engine for comfortable work with Windows. The WPF report generator also has an advanced code editor with Roslyn-based intelligence support.

FastReport WPF is part of the unified FastReport ecosystem. Reports created in other products will seamlessly work in FastReport WPF and vice versa.

NuGet packages via NuGet Server will be available for download in September. Now you can get WPF packages for your project using the installer from

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