May 26, 2021

New version of FastReport VCL 2021.2

FastReport VCL 2021.2

In this version: 

New HTMLView object – extends abilities and visual part of your reports by using HTML4 + CSS. Just load HTML document in HTMLView object*, link with data, and build a report!


See also: HTML 4.0 and CSS in the report – Simple! Review of the new "HTMLView" report object.


Use of HTML in a report is very simple.

HTMLView supports dynamic height (can grow) and split of the content (moving part of the content to new pages).

Break of HTMLView object.


* - Supports HTML4 with CSS (without JavaScript and other web technologies).


Dynamic table builder for “Table” object - allows building tabular reports from the code or from the report script automatically slices and paginates table based on how a table grows right and down. Building of dynamic reports with variable rows and columns count became simple.



Building of table with columns.

Dynamic table with variable rows and columns.

The table builder supports fixed rows and columns which prints with every new table part.

Printout of fixed rows and columns.

And of course, dynamic table builder supports aggregate functions!


"Table" object


The “Table” object also got some updates. In the new version, we added the ability to split rows with cell content by using AllowSplit property.


The “Table” can split data cells with text.

FastReport VCL 2021.2

Also, all child objects of cells may be split just like in the report bands mechanism

FastReport VCL 2021.2

The export engine got few updates too. Exports to PDF, XLSX, DOCX, PPTX were improved. New “Objects” mode added in DOCX export filter. This mode does not use the tabular export engine and let get better WYSIWYG result for this export.

FastReport VCL 2021.2

Several UI elements also got improvements.

The new default style for Dock panels in the report designer.


FastReport VCL 2021.2

Enhanced “Data” selection dialog. Added filtration and sorting.

FastReport VCL 2021.2

Added new linear ITF14 barcode.


Full list of changes:

+ Added new HTML view report objects. Allows to load and view HTML4 with CSS

+ Added new dynamic table builder for Table object (Builds and paginate table object form script or code. See Main demo reports)

+ Added new "Object mode" export type in DOCX export filter

+ Added support of HTML tags in XLSX and PPTX export filters

+ Added ITF14 linear barcode

+ Improved UI of Data selection dialog (added filters and sorting)

+ Added shortcuts in RichEdit editor

+ Added date formatting support in XLSX export filter

* Improved EMF to PDF export, added support of GM_ADVANCED mode

* Added clip to outbound frames in linear barcodes

* Improved EMF->PDF/SVG monobrush implementation

- Fixed creation time in PDF export filter

- Fixed text draw for long text line (without returns)

- Fixed preview search

- Fixed merged cells in XLSX export filter

- Fixed bug in DataMatrix 2D barcode

- Fixed OnProgress events behavior during export

- Fixed bug when printing images with color mask

- Fixed shape draw on export (cuts off right corner)

- Fixed bug with stack overflow when export non-transparent png image from pptx export

- Fixed bug in GS1Databar 2D barcode

- Fixed bug with stream size in IsSupportedFormat when load image

- Fixed output for printers which does not support alphablend

- Fixed C++ Builder compilation

- Fixed Shift mode for smWhenOverlapped in seTree mode

- Fixed export of PNG images with the transparent palate

- Fixed SaveToFrx convertor filter

- Fixed PNG transparency in MAP object

- Fixed print of Chart object in Lazarus

- Fixed bug with Cambria Math font in PDF export

- Fixed dialogs in ZPL, PS, PPML export filters

- Fixed PS, PPML export filters text line spacing

- Fixed bug with HeliosCond font in PDF export

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