September 18, 2023

FastReport Desktop release - our product for reporting automation

FastReport Desktop release - our product for reporting automation

Our stand-alone Low-code solution will help you to automate the generation and transmission of reports from multiple databases (and even several at the same time). Set up export of reports and send them to databases in a couple of clicks!

Buying this product you’ll get:

  • Visual designer for creating and editing reports.
  • Builder in the form of a console utility for building and processing reports.
  • GUI configurator for creating builder tasks.
  • A convenient scheduler for completing tasks on a schedule.
  • Viewer for displaying and printing ready-made reports.

In the Standard edition, these utilities have to be manually connected to your project.

In the Professional edition, we did it for you. A common interface of utilities and a report manager will help you set up business processes much faster.

FastReport Desktop will be an excellent replacement for the previous FastReport for DBA solution. Existing FastReport for DBA license will be changed to FastReport Desktop Professional Single at no additional cost. All clients will retain their remaining days on previously purchased licenses.

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