November 28, 2012

CodeRage 7 - Embarcadero online conference 10-12, Dec.

CodeRage 7 - Embarcadero online conference for C++ developers in connection with 64 bit C++ Builder release. 
Join to online conference CodeRage7 from 6am to 5 pm PST December 10-12
Embarcadero and company partners will present the latest developments for C++ 
All people can see the process of creation an application on life demos.
Why you need participate in CodeRage?
* In first day December 10. Bjarne Stroustrup (creator and developer C++ programming language) and David Intersimone will discuss about new C++11 standard and popularity C++ language in software market. 
* Michael Philippenko CEO of Fast Reports Inc. will tell about reporting in C++ application for Windows and Mac OSX
* Vsevolod Leonov will present migration ways from client-server architecture to Multitier architecture.
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