April 26, 2018

New version of FastReport Mono

In the latest version of FastReport Mono we significantly renewed and improved WebReport - added support of interactivity and Online Designer. New exports into JSON, LaTeX. Added support of Maps and new data source - CSV.

Version 2018
+ added support Online Designer in WebReport (https://www.fast-report.com/en/product/fast-report-online-designer/)
+ added outline (TOC) of report in WebReport
+ added property WebReport.DesignerConfig for storing custom configuration of Online Designer
+ added properties WebReport.RequestHeaders, WebReport.ResponseHeaders
+ added catching of exceptions on call of WebReport.DesignerSaveCallBack
+ added ToolbarBackgroundStyle.None (you can use WebReport.ToolbarColor instead bitmap from style)
+ added properties WebReport.UnlimitedWidth, WebReport.UnlimitedHeight for enable Unlimited size for all report pages (default: false - use report settings)
+ added property WebReport.Dialogs for enable or disable all report dialogs (default: true - enabled)
+ added property WebReport.ShowBackButton to display the "Back" button (return to previous report in the tabbed report)
+ added property WebReport.LogFile to log the errors in WebReport, may be combined with WebReport.Debug
+ added property WebReport.EnableMargins to use page margins in the output (default: false)
+ added support of Page.Fill in WebReport
+ added support of WebReport background color - WebReport.BackColor (default value: White)
+ added hyperlinks on bookmarks functionality (works only with Layers = true)
+ added hyperlinks on page number functionality (works only with Layers = true)
+ added click event handler functionality (works only with Layers = true)
+ added detailed reports - hyperlinks on hidden report page or report file (works only with Layers = true)
+ added new property WebReport.ShowTabCloseButton (default value: false)
+ added new property WebReport.TabPosition (default value: TabPosition.InsideToolbar)
+ added new example for Single Page Application \Demos\C#\Web\SPADemo
+ added new enum member TabPosition.Hidden for hidding tabs from toolbar
+ added properties Left, Top, Width, Height in CustomDrawEventArgs (can be used in WebReport.CustomDraw)
+ added showing Print Dialog in print in PDF
+ added properties WebReport.DocxRowHeightIs, WebReport.PdfShowPrintDialog
+ added function WebReport.PrintInPdf(bool ShowPrintDialog) for setup showing the Print Dialog in PDF
+ added event for rendering the custom objects in Web or overriding rendering of standard objects (WebReport.CustomDraw),
works only with enabled WebReport.Layer
+ added support of layered HTML in WebReport (WebReport.Layers) with better WYSIWYG
+ added property WebReport.RefreshTimeout (time for report refresh in seconds, 0 - refresh disabled),
this property may be useful for Dashboard functionality

+ added autosave report templates in designer
+ added abilty to save prepared reports into cloud storage
+ added export to JSON fomat
+ added export to LaTeX format
+ improved export to SVG format
+ improved export to graphics bitmap formats
+ improved Gauge object
+ added Map object
+ added new shapes
+ added new data source CSV format

- fix PostgreSQL issue
+ added experimental implementation of RichText object
+ data access objects has been ported from FR.NET
+ added support of OTF files with CFF fonts (OTTO fonts)
- fix font weight (!!! you should manually delete previous font.list file - ~/.local/share/FastReport/font.list or C:\Users\YourFolder\Local Settings\FastReport\font.list)
- fix command line build under Linux and OSX (xbuild instead of mdtool)
- fix clipping area in preview window under Linux and OSX
- fixed path to TrueType fonts
- fixed horizontal justify for "space before new line" case

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