March 10, 2021

Fast Reports announced best partners of 2020


At the beginning of the year 2021, we analyzed the work of our partner channel from 2020. Despite the hard year our partners rose to the task and didn't yield their ground. In fact, there was a certain growth.

Based on last year's result we selected the best of the best.

We are proud to introduce our "Partners of the year", who showed the best results in product promotion, event handling, and, of course, sales.

The winners are:

Partner of the year North America - Component Source
Partner of the year South America - FireBase
Partner of the year Europe - Component Source / IT Haimerl
Partner of the year Asia - Evget / Ag Tech
Partner of the year OEM -  Isah
Partner of the year Russia - Софтлайн
Start of the year Russia - 1С:Северо-Запад


"Although 2020 was not easy, our partners showed themselves to the best advantage. Once again we are convinced how important it is to build a trust-based relationship, that is much more than "just business" - together we are making developers' lives better!"

We want to thank all our partners for their collaboration and wishing them luck this year.





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