March 26, 2024

FastReport Avalonia is now included in Ultimate .NET

FastReport Avalonia is now included in Ultimate .NET

We have expanded the list of components available for developing your business projects. Now, the subscription to the Ultimate Edition .NET has become even more advantageous! The edition includes a new cross-platform library for generating reports and documents with the ability to print output files on macOS, Linux, and Windows, supporting Avalonia UI, .NET 6, and higher. At the same time, the subscription price has not changed.

FastReport Ultimate .NET is a cost-effective solution for creating projects on all modern .NET platforms, including ASP.NET, Blazor, WASM, WPF, WinForms, Avalonia UI, Mono, and others. With your team, you can work both in the desktop designer and directly from the browser. The Ultimate edition also includes components for data visualization, specifically business graphics with a set of charts and OLAP products for fast processing of large data sets.

Owners of the existing Ultimate .NET subscription can now test FastReport Avalonia for free in their personal account.

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