June 26, 2024

Fast Reports Wins ComponentSource Award

ComponentSource has awarded Fast Reports a Top 50 Publisher Award in the annual ComponentSource Awards for 2024.
June 14, 2023

Online Designer and Blazor WASM support for free: FastReport .NET Enterprise at the price of Professional

  It’s a high time to take an advantage of our special offer for FastReport .NET report generator purchasing, so that you can focus on your summer vacation and not to worry about generating documents. You can purchase FastReport .NET Enterprise Single at the Professional price until June 30! That is, get the platform-independent report designer FastReport Online Designer for free and save $200 or more. FastReport Online Designer allows you to create, edit and view reports on any device without compatibility issues. This is a great opportunity to save money while getting much broader functionality. Compare editions and choose the most suitable one here. *Offer is valid for a full price purchase only and does not apply to a subscription renewal or an upgrade. To take advantage of the offer, click on the following link.
May 16, 2023

Single ecosystem for Delphi products in FastReport 2023.2 release

This major update combines our core products for Delphi and Lazarus into a single ecosystem. What does it mean? One installation system with online authorization—install and update all your products at once. Shared release system—major releases are a shared release of all products. Shared library for all products—fixes and new functions are available in several products. The Recompile utility has been removed. The functions of package rebuilding are now performed by the installer. ❗️To download the update, we recommend you uninstall all products through the old installer and then use the new one (installer). ❗️ Core library There are new Core, Core Graphics, and Core Localization packages combining products into one ecosystem. The product localization system has been changed. Now it does not require rebuilding packages: it is enough to install language packs during installation, add the TfrLocalizationController component, and select the desired language. FastReport VCL The system for editing and using styles in the report designer has been revised. The new mode allows you to: create, edit and assign styles during report design. The created styles copy the formatting of the object by default. Changing a style affects all objects that have been assigned this style. The new Style Table tool allows you to customize the appearance of a report using styles and switch between them on the fly. You can: Select style table mode; Create new custom styles and color schemes that would fit your report; Change already created styles of report objects to your taste; Switch almost instantly between ready-made solutions. Style tables are supported in a rendered report and allow you to change the report style without rebuilding. These styles are saved to the rendered report file to allow report distribution to other users. Each user can choose their style. Composite barcodes We have added a new container object for composite barcodes. The object has ready-made settings for composite barcodes: EAN 8+2, EAN 8+5, EAN 13+2, and EAN 13+5. The object editor offers functionality for quick compilation of your compound barcodes. An example of barcodes used when printing price tags. Powerful tools for your reports For the efficient work of multi-threaded applications, we have added the ability to print in multiple threads. Each thread can print to the printer without blocking others. This approach is efficient for applications running in print service mode. We have improved the digital signature object for PDF export. Now you can supplement the signature with the current signed date, name, and other additional information. The ability to override and replace the standard export dialog has been added to export filters without changes in the FastReport source codes. Example: uses frxExportPDFDialog; type TfrxCustomPDFExportDialog = class(TfrxPDFExportDialog) protected procedure InitControlsFromFilter(ExportFilter: TfrxBaseDialogExportFilter); override; end; procedure TfrxCustomPDFExportDialog.InitControlsFromFilter(ExportFilter: TfrxBaseDialogExportFilter); begin inherited; SignaturePage.TabVisible := False; end; procedure SetDialogClass; begin frxPDFExport1.CustomExportDialogClass := TfrxCustomPDFExportDialog; end; We have improved and fixed the bugs in export filters. PDF export has received support for handling translucent SVG images. Report compatibility between Lazarus and Delphi versions has been improved. The transfer of report variables between versions has been fixed. FastCube VCL and FastCube FMX For FastCube VCL and FastCube FMX products, we have added integration with FastScript, which we moved to a separate package. For FastScript support, it is enough to install one additional package and not rebuild all the others. We also paid attention to fixing errors in highlighting and editors. FastCube VCL gets HiDPI support for high-resolution monitors. It supports all available RAD Studio development environment modes. FastQueryBuilder gets package support for the latest RAD Studio versions. RAD Studio 11 compatibility bugs have been fixed in FastReport FMX. Product optimization and performance have been improved, and internal architectural changes have been made. The full changelog for the 2023.2 version Сore library--------------- + Added new core package with a shared code for all products+ Added a new graphics core package with a shared code for all products+ Added new localization packs* Changed product localization system Fast Report VCL---------------[Designer]- Fixed Int64 support in Object Inspector- Fixed filter behavior in the data selection dialog- Fixed TfrxRichView frame borders in the designer- Fixed a bug when the dropdown code completion did not copy styles from Syntax Memo [Engine]+ Added support for style tables and improved work with styles in the report designer+ Added the option of simultaneous multi-threaded printing- Fixed form scaling for additional display for Delphi 10.1 and later- Fixed bug with parent container component interactive events- Fixed error handling in CrossView events- Fixed printing of current page mode- Fixed Duplex printing for multiple copies of documents with collation enabled [Exports]+ Added new CustomExportDialogClass property for export filters, which allows you to override the export dialog for standard export filters* Improved translucent SVG export in PDF export via EMF- Fixed memory leak with embedded files in PDF export- Fixed progress dialog in HTML export when entering the wrong page number- Fixed export of TfrxLineView and TfrxShapeView in PPTX export [Lazarus]+ Added support for variable portability in templates (Delphi <--> Lazarus)- Fixed behavior of empty TfrxPictureView in Lazarus [Preview]- Fixed button order in the preview [Report object]+ Added composite barcodes (EAN 8+2, EAN 8+5, EAN 13+2, EAN 13+5)+ Added TfrxPictureView.LoadFromStream method+ Added handling of Hint property (similar to TagStr)- Fixed placement of SVG pictures in TfrxPictureView [Resources]* Updated Portuguese resources* Updated Polish resources FastReport FMX---------------- Fixed integer overflow error in gradient fill object- Fixed crosstab editor bug in RAD Studio 11 FastQueryBuilder---------------- Added packages for new Delphi versions (RAD Studio 10-11) FastCube---------------+ Added HiDPI support for high-resolution monitors+ Added integration package with FastScript (integration does not require rebuilding of the main packages)- Fixed bugs in highlighting rules- Fixed Access violation error when using the component in some editors
April 27, 2023

❗️Save on your license renewal before June 1

Starting June 1, 2023, the new subscription update rules will take effect. The renewal grace period will consist of 1 month, and the renewal price will be 50% of the license cost. Example: For example, on January 1, 2023, you purchased your FastReport .NET license, which will be active for 12 months up to and including January 1, 2024. During this time, you will be able to download the product's new version and receive basic technical support. Starting January 2, 2024, you will have 1 month to renew your license with the 50% discount. After February 2, 2024, the purchase will be possible only at the full price.  But you still have the ability to get your subscription at the old price: you can buy renewals for 1, 2, or 3 years at once and save your 70% discount before June 1, 2023. To take advantage of the offer, message our sales team at or hit us up in the website chat window.
April 17, 2023

New version FastReport Online Designer 2023.2

New objects Added the “MSChart” object The “MSChart” object allows to display charts using Microsoft Chart library. At the moment, “MSChart” can only be used to display charts when viewing reports. Below are some features of the library: more than 30 types of charts (bars, areas, lines, bubbles, circular, radar, financial, pyramidal, ranges); 3D support; supports several series of different types in one chart; full control over appearance and behavior of each chart element. Chart elements One chart may have one or several chart areas. One chart area may contain one or several series. Below you can see the chart which contains two chart areas (the first area contains two series and the second area contains one series): Some series (for example, pie series) require exclusive chart area. Chart editor The "Chart" object contains numerous settings which can be handled in the chart editor. To invoke the editor, double click the "Chart" object: Added the “RichText” object [beta] This object allows to display a formatted text in the RTF format.  Try to use the “Text” object to display a text. When you export the report to other document formats, the “Rich Text” object will be exported as a picture. You can also use the Microsoft Word to create a text. When you have created the text, save it in the RTF format. Next, open the “Rich Text” editor and load the RTF file into it by pressing the “Open” button. Please note that the “Rich Text” object does not support all of the Microsoft Word formatting features. We will keep working on this object and adding new features.   New features Configurable icons in FastReport Online Designer You can now build FastReport Online Designer with different icons. At the moment, you can choose between classic icons and Visual Studio 2019 icons. Classic icons: Visual Studio 2019 icons:  To change the icons, go to “Theme” when building the designer and select the set of icons you want to use. Configuring the API for building FastReport Online Designer FastReport Online Designer Builder now can build the designer using the API. This allows you to automate the process of building the designer. API Key A user is authenticated using an API key, which you can create in FastReport Online Designer Builder. To create a key, you need to: sign in with your account; go to the new “API Keys” menu item; click on the button in the lower right corner or the red inscription. After that, you will have a new API key generated. You can click on the key to copy it and use it for authentication in API. Read the article for more details. Customizing FastReport Online Designer Now you can customize main colors and favicons used in the designer. Designer with a different main color: Colors and favicons can be customized in the “Theme” menu item when building FastReport Online Designer. Those who own special OEM White Label FastReport Online Designer licenses can also change a product name and edit the boot screen text. Added the ability to change components sizes independently from the grid With pressed ALT, a component size can be changed independently from the grid, which allows you to adjust the size as precisely as possible. Added the “Layout” function for positioning components With this update, we added the Layout function for positioning components relative to each other and the grid. Added a modal window to configure bands You can now change order of bands, add or delete them using a special modal window. To open this window, click the button in the upper left corner of the workspace. Added a new button to change localization in the upper panel of the Online Designer You can now easily change localization no matter what panel is active at the moment. Added the ability to expand the report from left to right and from top to bottom You can expand the report from left to right and from top to bottom by clicking the buttons. Improved design In this version, we have changed most dialog windows to improve user experience when using the Online Designer.  Full list of changes + added the “MSChart” object;+ added the “RichText” object;+ added building the designer using the API;+ added customization of the designer interface;+ added configuration of icons;+ added the “Layout” function for positioning components in the workspace;+ added a modal window to configure bands;+ added a new button to change localization in the upper panel of the Online Designer;+ added the ability to expand the report from left to right and from top to bottom;+ added the “OutlineExpression” button to edit parameter expressions;+ added the SVG image editor;+ added changeable width and height of the report dialog window;+ added the ability to delete the table data source; - fixed the “SubReport” object;- fixed behavior of the “TextObject” when rotating text;- fixed a bug when the report is viewed in full screen mode;- fixed pages preview for long templates;- fixed standard behavior of “OK” and “Cancel” buttons in the report dialog window;- fixed behavior of groups of components—now popup panels close when focus is lost;- fixed the way the table tree is displayed when establishing a connection in Firefox;- fixed a bug when users see the preview tab even if the designer was built without it; * improved design of all modal windows;* improved the designer performance in Firefox; * improved the style of Zoom control;* updated localization of the product interface.
March 14, 2023

Update of .NET-based products to ver. 2023.2

Meet new opportunities for your projects! Added support for Blazor Web Assembly, new icons for the Ribbon interface, the ability to open a page of another report inside the current one, changes to the report validator and WebReport, and much more. Changes are available for the following products: - FastReport .NET, - FastReport Mono, - FastReport Desktop, - FastReport for DBA, - FastCube .NET. New opportunities Blazor WebAssembly support Added FastReport.Blazor.Wasm package with Blazor WebAssembly support for owners of FastReport .NET Enterprise and higher editions. Now you can use Razor components to display a report in your WebAssembly application. Attention! Blazor WebAssembly support is currently in beta. <WebReportContainer WebReport="WebReport" /> Read more in this article.   Ability to open another report page The designer now allows you to open and add pages and dialog forms of another report to the developing report. To do this, go to the "File" menu and select "Open Page...". Next, the standard file selection dialog box will open where you can select a report. After that a window will appear with a list of pages and a preview of the selected page. Here you can select one or more pages to be added to the current report. The names of pages and all objects contained in them, will be changed to unique, if the report already has them. This is necessary to avoid errors, as identical names are not allowed. Read more in this article.   New icons for the Ribbon interface New Visual Studio-style icons have been added to the Ribbon interface in the designer. You can select them in the user interface options. Will need to restart the designer for the changes to take effect.    Filter in the properties window A new button has been added to the properties window that allows you to enable the display of object-specific properties. For example, for a text object, this mode displays the Text, Font properties. Common object properties such as Top, Left, Height and Width are not displayed.   Report validator changes The report validator now doesn't run in the background, but runs with a separate "Validate Report" button in the "Report" menu. In addition, the validator window has been removed, and its messages are displayed in the window "Messages".   Ability to hide connection string Added a new property Config.ConnectionStringVisible, which gives the ability to hide the connection string in the designer. Can be used to differentiate permissions between the application developer and the report user. When set to false, the user will not be able to see and edit connection strings in the designer.   WebReport changes Added support for MemoryCache. By default, at the moment, the current WebReportCache is used. You can enable MemoryCache when registering FastReport services: services.AddFastReport(options => { options.CacheOptions.UseLegacyWebReportCache = false; }); Unlike the built-in cache in WebReport, MemoryCache unloads WebReport instances more aggressively after a certain time CacheOptions.CacheDuration of WebReport instance inactivity, which can help in cases where the old cache for some reason does not clear memory. Added the ability to fix the toolbar on the screen. Now you can configure the toolbar to always stay in place, even when scrolling through the page. This is convenient when working with large reports - the toolbar will always be visible. To pin the toolbar on the screen, you need to set the following property: webReport.Toolbar.Sticky = true; Now the toolbar will always be in view. Also, the ability to customize the export settings window has been added. Now it can be made fixed on the screen and displayed in the foreground. To do this, you need to set the following property: webReport.Toolbar.Exports.PinnedSettingsPosition = true; Validation for entering a range of pages has been added to the export settings window. Now, in case of incorrect input, the field will look like this.   FastReport.Core.Skia improvements Improved the performance of the FastReport.Core.Skia package. Export errors have been fixed, examples are listed below. Fixed the rendering of objects with CanShrink = true: Fixed the background rendering of objects with transparent backgrounds: Added a standard font that depends on the operating system. Now, if the font from the report is not detected in the system, the export will not produce an error, but will render the report with the standard font. For other fixes, please refer to the full list of changes.   Updated design of FastReport Cloud file manager Updated the design of the file manager window for more convenient and intuitive use of the service. Changes have been made to the layout of interface elements and color scheme, which will improve the overall visual perception of users.   Full list of changes  [Engine]+ added property Config.ConnectionStringVisible, which indicates whether the connection strings of data sources will be displayed in the designer;- fixed a bug with extraction of procedures in connection that cannot contain procedures;- fixed a bug where the first column of the page was always displayed in the leftmost position;- fixed a bug when GaugeObject.Value property was set equal GaugeObject.Minimum, if new value was more than GaugeObject.Maximum. Now it will be set equal GaugeObject.Maximum; [Designer]+ added the ability to open report from FastReport Cloud using recent files list;+ added a context menu to the page panel elements;+ a context menu for creating new pages and dialog forms has been added for the panel with report pages;+ added new Visual Studio style icons for the Ribbon interface;+ added "Sync" button in the "Report Tree" window;+ added Filter button in the Properties window;+ added HiDPI icons for Ribbon-interface;+ added support of DBNull and Guid types for parameters;* now the name of the attached file when exporting to mail, can be set from the code when creating the export form;* report validator now runs from "Report|Validate report" menu. "Messages" window is used to display validation messages;* changed interface of QR code editor;- fixed a bug on right clicking Data Sources menu item;- fixed a bug when checkbox "Select all" was not visible in Data wizard;- fixed a bug causing System.NullReferenceException when deleting dialog form;- fixed the absence of the Api key when re-opening the Account->Server window if it was entered in the standard server item;- fixed incorrect web address when trying to preview webview for custom server;- fixed the problem of collapsing panels and incorrect change of the language of tabs and bars when changing the localization in the Ribbon interface;- fixed issue with adding tables that were not selected in the connection wizard;- fixed a bug causing System.NullReferenceException when creating connection to stored procedure;- fixed exception when manually entering an invalid parameter type;- fixed a bug where it was impossible to set an object to a transparent color;- fixed reopening of the query wizard; [Preview]+ added a message about sending a report to the mail in the status bar; [Exports]+ added word wrapping in cells when exporting to Excel 2007;- fixed a bug that made MSChart text blurred after HTML export;- fixed incorrect margins when exporting the report to HTML;- fixed an error that made the transparent background become white with Skia;- fixed a bug with an extra empty page when exporting if there are bands with the Exportable property equal false;- fixed a bug when padding top was not taken into account when exporting to layered HTML;- fixed an error that made the text go beyond the table when the page was zoomed out in HTML export; [WebReport]+ added Blazor WebAssembly support;+ added support for DI in WebReport.Core/Blazor. To use, call services.AddFastReport();+ added support for Microsoft.Extensions.Caching.Memory.MemoryCache instead of the standard WebReportLegacyCache. To use, when registering a DI container, use services.AddFastReport(options => options.CacheOptions.UseLegacyWebReportCache = false);+ implemented the ItemCheck event in CheckedListBox;+ added an option to enable the toolbar to display regardless of the screen position in WebReport using WebReport.Toolbar.Sticky property;+ added asynchronous version of method WebReport.Designer.SaveMethod - WebReport.Designer.SaveMethodAsync;+ added validation of page range in WebReport export settings window;+ added WebReport.Toolbar.Exports.PinnedSettingsPosition property. If enabled, the container of export settings will be fixed on the screen and displayed in the foreground;- fixed a bug when selection mode in ListBox was multiple, but it was able to select only one item;- fixed a bug of non-refreshing dialog when CheckedBox was the initiator of the event. In this case, add at least one dependent object of the CheckedBox to the DetailControl property;- fixed a bug when in .NET Framework MVC application the report with dialog form on clicking "OK" would not hide dialog form and not show loading of the report;- fixed an error that caused extra pages to appear when printing;- fixed incorrect work of report 'Interactive Report' on WebReport.Core;- fixed rare NullReferenceException in WebReportLegacyCache; [Online Designer]- fixed a bug where First Page Source, Other Page Source, Last Page Source and Duplex properties was not saved when changing ReportPage;- fixed an error that made the report preview not refresh before pressing "Refresh" button; [.NET Core]+ the script compiler will now display errors depending on the selected locale set with FastReport.Utils.Res.LoadLocale() or FastReport.Utils.Config.CompilerSettings.CultureInfo;- fixed an issue where text with CanShrink = True was incorrectly rendered after export with Skia;- fixed a bug with incorrect indent width between characters with TextRenderType = HtmlTags in Skia;- fixed a bug that caused the watermark with transparency to have a gray background when exporting with Skia;- fixed an error that caused incorrect calculation of table row height; [CoreWin]- fixed error when trying to add new data connection; [Mono]+ added zoom control in preview and designer windows;- fixed problem of scaling PreviewControl; [Demos]+ added demo-app ASP.NET Core (Razor pages) under .NET 6.0;* updated demo applications for FastReport Core; [Extras]- fixed a situation in which the host during logout could not match the one during authorization;- fixed a bug when updating an expired session in the Account window, a browser opens and requests re-authorization.
December 26, 2022

Summary and plans

The year 2022 was full of important events. Despite its unpredictability and all challenges, that we've faced over the past 12 months, we've continued to work hard to improve document generation in thousands of apps. What important happened? A milestone for the VCL report generators was the end of support for obsolete non-Unicode versions, which will allow us to work harder to improve FastReport and introduce more sophisticated features with each release. Since the release of 2023.1, FastReport VCL supports Delphi versions starting from 2010. We have released the fp3 converter which converts to any FastReport VCL data format — FastConverter.FP3. We have launched NuGet server for the .NET direction — a repository of licensed products for users. Now you can conveniently download the latest versions of our components on any operating system. FastReport.Core now supports graphics and text rendering using the SkiaSharp library. Also, FastReport .NET got a bronze medal in the "Reporting, Analysis and Visualization" nomination in the Reader's Choice Awards by Visual Studio Magazine. We were happy to share the stand with Devexpress and SAP Crystal Reports. What about plans? The release of several services at once will be a truly revolutionary breakthrough in 2023. One of them is FastReport Cloud cloud report builder. This is an online service for creating, storing, and editing reports and documents, which allows you to set up and implement reporting in companies with minimal involvement of programmers. Stay tuned and you will be one of the first to try it! We are also working on a high-performance WPF reporting and document library for business application development. Other products will have the following features: WASM support New report objects Support for the latest version of the environment — NET 8, RAD Studio 11.3 Updated user interface and user experience Digital signature stamp Support for RFID tags for ZPL export Map implementation based on GeoJson And much more! It's also time for New Year's wishes. Maybe it's reporting for Android? Or export to some exotic format? Write to us your wish in the form below. It would be great if you also tell us how this will change the work of your applications. Congratulations on the upcoming holidays, Fast Reports team. Загрузка…
December 12, 2022

Christmas sale on FastReport VCL and FastReport .NET

  Grab the best offer before it expires!  Christmas sale season on FastReport VCL and FastReport .NET Single reporting library of all editions! Days of the promotion: -30% on December 12 - 14 -20% on December 15 - 19 -10% on December 20 - 26 Offer is valid for a full price purchase only and does not apply to a subscription renewal or an upgrade.   BUY NOW!  
December 12, 2022

Digital signature in the new FastReport VCL 2023.1

We have added the option of an attached and detached digital signature of arbitrary files. They will be used with the help of crypto providers installed in the system. You can see an example of a report with a digital signature at the Demos\FileSignature path. You will find the instructions at this link. We had added the ability to set arbitrary sheet names in the following exports: frxBIFFExport, frxXMLExport, frxXLSXExport via the OnGenerateSheetName event. The SVG image engine now supports "pattern" for object fills. Added AutoSize mode for TfrxOLEView object. Improved compatibility with the latest Lazarus version and added the TfrxDateEditControl object. Support for Delphi 7 has also been discontinued with this version. We have also optimized the work of the existing functionality and fixed some bugs.   Full list of changes in version 2023.1 --------------- [Designer]- Fixed dataset filtering [Engine]+ Added a new class for signing an arbitrary file with an attached or detached signature.- Fixed supreport X position when keep mechanism uses inside it [Exports]+ Added ability to customize sheet names in excel exports (frxBIFFExport, frxXMLExport, frxXLSXExport)- Fixed bug when PDFView draws dash line with wrong scale on metafile in PDF export vector output- Fixed pdf export errors- Fixed issue when pictures may disappear during PDF export in multi-thread GUI application- Fixed font size in HTMLTags in XLSX export- Fixed bug in xls(biff8) export under x64 platform- Fixed Cc and Bcc fileds in the SMTP mail sender [Lazarus]+ Added implementation of TfrxDateEditControl- Fixed Lazarus compilation- Disable AutoSize for descriptions functions in functions-tree due to Lazarus internal bug [Preview]- Fixed Search form width [Report object]+ Added support for the dominant-baseline attribute and the pattern element+ Added Autosize for TfrxOLEView- Fixed overflow error when test size of types in HTMLView stream- Fixed issue when TfrxRichView.RichEdit.Lines.LoadFromFile does not load file correctly under Rad Studio 11.2- Fixed bug with Datamatrix barcade with ACSII codepage- Fixed barcodes RTTI- Fixed PDFView memory leaks- Fixed TfrxPDFObject for 64bit in the IDE [Resources]* Updated Swiss resources* Update German Resources* Updated Farsi resources
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