May 27, 2024

Upgrading cloud services to version 2024.2

In the new version 2024.2 of FastReport Cloud and FastReport Corporate Server, we have fixed bugs, and added some new features.
December 28, 2016

New version of FastReport FMX

In the current release we've done everything for optimization of FastReport FMX, especially for Mac OS! We've optimized everything from report core and up to the text rendering on screen. In new version the preview window uses double buffering and redraws only new region of the page, which makes report preview smoother when scroll report pages . Starting from XE7 all text output of report objects is performed by FastReport FMX methods bypassing the standard text output. Such approach allows to speed up text rendering through font caching ten times! The report core has also undergone some changes. For faster text comparison we imported new function from Carbon library, it decreases time of report building on Mac OS. Changes also touch calculations of report objects: now report engine calculates all sizes with font cache. The object split mechanism was changed as well to make D2D and GDIP contexts compatible for calculation of objects sizes. Full list of changes:---------------+ New double buffered preview. It draws only objects which appear on screen (increase preview performance)+ New native text rendering with font caching starts with XE7 significant increase all text rendering and calculation* Improved rendering behavior to minimize differences between GDIP and D2D contexts (when report calculates sizes with one context and print with another)* Optimized rendering of report designer controls (Inspector, workspace, Rulers)* Optimization in the report engine* Improved split mechanism+ Added new faster text comparison from Carbon framework for Mac OS+ Added LineSpacing support for PDF export- Changes Width and Height calculation for report objects- Bitmap preview cache is optional now (use PreviewOptions.PagesInPictureCache)- Fixed FireDac rtti module- Fixed Alias editor for RAD Studio Berlin- Fixed background image in HTML export- Fixed incorrect frames draw for report object- Fixed JPEG images export- Fixed bug with unlimited pages when preview doesn't show pages- Fixed visual behavior of few object editors- Fixed PDF export memory leaks- Fixed TfrxSysMemoView editor- Fixed report inheritance from report template in the designer
December 05, 2016

New version of FastReport .NET

FastReport .NET 2017.1  What are the new features brought by this release? ✔ FastReport became faster and lighter due to the optimization of the code responsible for report building and its export to different formats ✔ Ability of immediate access to CSV text files. Convenient parameter setting of loading CSV files allows using any data from Excel tables and other applications that support CSV export. ✔ Added MongoDB connector to the bundled plugins for connecting to a number of DataBase Management Systems. ✔ PDF export now supports graphic standard PDF/X-4. Ability to add color profiles to the PDF file. ✔ Sending reports directly to the chat client through the XMPP/Jabber protocol. ✔ Those, who use Windows Presentation Foundation will most likely be interested in a new example of using FastReport dotnet in this framework - WPFViewer. ✔ In web reports there's now a capability to enable the return button to switch back to the previous report from detail tab  And not only that!     [Core] + added possibility to set picture location (URL) in PictureObject from database + added support of alphanumeric values in GS1-128 barcode * optimized memory consumption - fixed bug with RichObject page break   [Designer] + added possibility to select all tables in DataWizardForm + added CSV database connection - fixed bug with updating the script when loading another report  - fixed bug with updating TextObject.Format - fixed bug with updating TextObject.Border - fixed bug with non-existing connection plugin   [Preview] + added "Exports" and "Clouds" properties in PreviewControl to hide/show exports in the "Save" button drop-down menu   [Exports] + added ability to export text as curves in PostScript and PPML exports + added property FastCloudStorageClient.ReportUrl containing the link to a report after uploading to FastReport Cloud + added possibility to send a report using XMPP/Jabber and FastReport Cloud + added support of PDF/X-4 standard + added CMYK color profile in the PDF export + added property HTMLExport.EnableMargins to use page margins in the output file (default: false) * added possibility of getting images from a stream by GetImage(..) method in XAMLExport, property name ToMultipleFiles changed to HasMultipleFiles - fixed export of GroupHeader and GroupFooter bands in FR3 export - fixed bug with exporting images in Metafile image export - fixed bugs with formatting in OpenOffice Writer (Open Document Text) export - fixed bugs with formatting in Word 2007 (docx) export - fixed bug with font "Meiryo UI" in PDF export   [WebReport] + added property WebReport.ShowBackButton to display the "Back" button (return to previous report in the tabbed report) + added property WebReport.LogFile to log the errors in WebReport, may be combined with WebReport.Debug  + added property WebReport.EnableMargins to use page margins in the output (default: false) + added support of Page.Fill in WebReport + added support of WebReport background color - WebReport.BackColor (default value: White) * changed progress picture - fixed bug with printing from browser any reports with links to detailed report - fixed bug with displaying the scroll bars on 100% width and height - fixed bug with visualization of reports with unlimited page width/height - fixed bug with "Fit Width/Fit Page" zooming in the toolbar - fixed bug with multi-threading - fixed bug with TextObject.ParagraphOffset   [Demos] + added new example \Demos\C#\WPFViewer    [Extras] + added MongoDB connector \Extras\Connections\FastReport.MongoDB   - fixed bug with displaying a list of tables in FastReport.MySQL  [Online Designer] + added support of TextOutline + added slider for rotate an object with Angle property + added property in configuration file (section save_success_redirect) with URL for redirection after successful saving + added two properties in configuration file, section save_success_redirect "useParent" (for using in iframe) and "removeConfirmation" (eliminate showing confirmation leaving dialog with redirection)    
November 02, 2016

New version of FastReport Mono

What's new in FastReport Mono 2016.2? ✔ New build of FastReport.Mono allows to use report generator on Linux in standalone mode without X Window System ✔ Improved quality of PDF export - fixed calculation of font metrics ✔ Speed up embedding fonts in PDF and XPS documents + added message window to script editor- fixed date format* improved PDF export + added < BR > html tag- fixed width of space and missing characters in PDF export- fixed crash on run in console mode (withut X Window Server) under Linux. Just add single line into your code: Utils.Config.DisableUIEvents = true;- fixed bug with Two-Pass single page
October 26, 2016

New version of FastCube VCL - 2.6

In the new version we added an ability to restrict user from slice reconfiguration.Restrictions should be set for each zone separately in the zone Restrictions property. For the moment 3 types of restrictions are implemented: - zrDontMoveItems - disable field list change for the zone. The restrictions prevents from add, remove and move fields in the zone. - zrDontShowPopupMenu - disable zone context menu popup.- zrDontEditItemProperties - disable zone/field property editor showing. Several restrictions can be set simultaneously. Added an ability to control zone field list change by TfcxSlice events:-OnBeforeRemoveSliceFieldFromRegion: TfcxSliceFieldRegionChange - is called before field remove.-OnBeforeAddSliceFieldToRegion: TfcxSliceFieldRegionChange - is called before field add.-OnAfterAddSliceFieldToRegion: TfcxSliceFieldRegionChanged - is called after field add. TfcxSliceFieldRegionChange = procedure(ASliceFieldName: String; ARegionOfField: TfcxRegionOfField; var AAllow: Boolean) of Object; TfcxSliceFieldRegionChanged = procedure(ARegionFieldIndex: Integer; ARegionOfField: TfcxRegionOfField) of Object; OnBefore* events allow to cancel operation with field ASliceFieldName in the region ARegionOfField by changing AAllow to False. Fixed slice fields format handling.Now slice field format change instatly refreshes the slice grid, and does not change the format of other fields with the same data type.Additionally to that slice field format is saved and restored to/from the schema. Added new measure field property:TfcxMeasureField.ChangeNullToZero: booleanWhen the property is set to True the empty measure cells (cells which have no data) are shown with the value 0. For more details check the full list of changes.
September 01, 2016

New version of FastReport .NET - 2016.4

New version of FastReport .NET is out!  What's new? ✔WebReport object received interactive functions support: work with bookmarks, hyperlinks, links to the detailed report, link to the detailed report page, drill-downs. Added support of onClick event handling in the script during report presentation in web browser ✔PDF export now can build files that correspond to graphic standard PDF/X-3 with the support of color profiles for printing. Moreover, export gained the ability to save images without any quality loss. ✔FastReport .NET now can receive data from Sharepoint/Office365 and use it for report development. More changes and fixes:    [Core] + added new HtmlObject for using in the WebReport or HTML export + added event Report.CustomCalc for custom data processing - fixed issue with incorrect assembly loading in report script [Designer] + added TextOutline editor - fixed bug with disappearing of part PolyLineObject, PolygonObject after preview [Exports] + added compliance with PDF/X-3 in PDF export + added new property PDFExport.PDFCompliance + added property PDFExport.ColorProfile for using in PDF/X-3 compliance mode + added support of export pictures with lossless compression in PDF export + added property PDFExport.ImageLossless + added IsScrolled property in XAML export * depercated properties: PDFExport.PdfA, PDFExport.PdfACompliance) - fixed bug with html tags in Excel 2007 export - fixed bug with wrong format of negative value of cell with CustomFormat in Excel 2007 export - fixed bug with line-height in HtmlObject in HTML export - fixed bug with skipping sequences spaces in TextObject for Excel2007 and HTML exports - fixed bug with handling control symbols in Excel2007Export - fixed bug with encryption in PDF export - fixed bug with validation of PDF/A compliance with hyperlinks in report [WebReport] + added hyperlinks on bookmarks functionality (works only with Layers = true) + added hyperlinks on page number functionality (works only with Layers = true) + added click event handler functionality (works only with Layers = true) + added detailed reports - hyperlinks on hidden report page or report file (works only with Layers = true) + added new property WebReport.ShowTabCloseButton (default value: false) + added new property WebReport.TabPosition (default value: TabPosition.InsideToolbar) + added new example for Single Page Application \Demos\C#\Web\SPADemo * improved memory consumption * improved caching of reports - fixed bug with downloading in Android - fixed bug in WebReport with CacheDelay in MVC applications - fixed bug with URLEncoded Cookies in Online Designer call-back - fixed bug with null ID in MVC - fixed bug with skipping lead spaces in TextObject - fixed bug with page breaks on printing from browser [Extras] + added connector SharePoint/"Office 365" \Extras\Connections\FastReport.SharePoint * updated German resources
July 27, 2016

New version of FastReport FMX + FastScript

We're pleased to announce that FastReport FMX 2 and FastScript now support new version of Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin! There are also some improvements and bug fixes we made in our products. Here are some of them:   FastReport FMX 2: + Added support of Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin includes compatibility fixes for new FMX framework+ Added support of HTML tags in Memo object for export filters (RTF)- Minor changes in objects draw mechanism- Fixed problem in PDF export with long text lines cuts off- Fixed bug in stretched Memo with Line spacing- Fixed bug with clipping of Memo object- Fixed bug with font scale during printing when application compiled with RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin   FastScript: + Added support of Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin- Fixed problem with syntax memo in FMX framework- Fixed small memo leak in methods helper- Fixed Rtti declaration for some methods in FMX framework
June 01, 2016

New FastReport .NET

✓  The new FastReport version - 2016.3  has additional report objects – PolyLineObject - broken curve, PolygonObject – closed polygon with filling. The user also can edit the already prepared objects PolyLineObject/PolygonObject through moving, adding or removing the anchor point ✓ Report page received 2 new properties: Page.UnlimitedPaperHeight and Page.UnlimitedPaperWidth. They enable “infinite page” mode, when the report page’s size adjusts to objects position. This feature will be helpful for reports with tables with growing width and matrix without bringing them forward. It will also come in handy when creating a column report with further exporting in Excel – all the data will be placed on one page without breaking it with page headline and foot bands. Besides, it will be useful for Web reports, when there’s no need to stick with certain page size. ✓  Added new PDF export property – ShowPrintDialog. It helps creating a PDF document that displays print dialog in a PDF viewer (for example, Adobe Acrobat) right after opening. It’s useful when printing PDF in online reports ✓  PDF files can be created without font embedding – the entire text can be built in curves. This capability is activated by PDFExport.TextInCurves property. Building text in curves increases size of the resulting files, but it can be useful when you need to create invariable document without ability to copy the text and without reference to the installed fonts. As well as when creating PDF files for printing industry. ✓  By popular demand we rearranged mechanism of creating the dash dot line in PDF file. It was necessary for getting around the printing error when printing such lines from the Chrome browser’s internal viewer – dash dot lines were displayed correctly but were not printed. ✓  Added new export to JSON format for data exchange of the built report. For data consolidation it's better to use the “infinite page” mode.   [Core]+ added new objects PolyLineObject, PolygonObject+ added properties Page.UnlimitedPaperHeight, Page.UnlimitedPaperWidth* updated rotation drawing for angle of images [Designer]+ added welcome window displayed on the designer startup+ added splash screen showing during loading designer+ added new toolbar for editing of PolyLineObject, PolygonObject+ added unsaved report indication in window title+ added unlimited page width and height options to PageSetup window [Exports]+ added Bold, Italic simulation for "MS UI Gothic" font and similar in PDF export+ added export in JSON+ added property PDFExport.ShowPrintDialog for showing the print dialog after opening the PDF document+ added export PolyLineObject, PolygonObject in PDF+ added property PDFExport.TextInCurves for creating the PDF document without fonts+ added possibility to send multiple reports as attachments in Email export+ added ToMultipleFiles property in XAML export* improved export in Excel 2007 with enabled property Seamless* improved drawing of dash-dot lines in PDF export for correct printing from the Chrome- Fixed bug with <div> style(numbers format) in Html Layers export- fixed bug with pictures with size over the page in PDF export- fixed bug with paths in exports: XAML, SVG, PostScript, PPML- fixed bug with shadows in HTML export- fixed bug with TextObject.Underlines in HTML export- fixed bug with images hash counting in PDF export- fixed bug with hyperlinks in Trial version in PDF export- fixed bug(Header added) in PostScript export- fixed bug with fonts in PostScript export [WebReport]+ added properties Left, Top, Width, Height in CustomDrawEventArgs (can be used in WebReport.CustomDraw)+ added showing Print Dialog in print in PDF+ added properties WebReport.DocxRowHeightIs, WebReport.PdfShowPrintDialog+ added function WebReport.PrintInPdf(bool ShowPrintDialog) for setup showing the Print Dialog in PDF* usage examples of WebReport are updated and relocated to the \Demos\C#\Web folder* updated internal jQuery to v1.12.3- fixed bug with CustomDraw event inside TableObject and Matrix- fixed bug with incorrect MIME type in inline PDF printing- fixed bug with switching Localization in ASP.NET (not MVC) [Extras]+ added JsonConnectionEditor.cs in FastReport.Json connector (\Extras\Connections\FastReport.Json) [Online Report Designer]+ added viewing of existing Highlights expressions in the report+ added resize of component in any dimension
May 30, 2016

New version of FastReport Mono - 2016.1

New Version of FastReport Mono 2016 includes all recent capabilites of FastReport .Net 2016. For instance - new ability of multiple use of FastReport .Mono and Online Report Designer. Now you can also produce documents that will comply with archive standart PDF/A. New types of Barcodes -  Aztec, Plessey, GS1-128/EAN-128. Lots of other improvements called to simplify report generation on Mono framework! + added support of Online Report Designer in WebReport+ added support PDF/A in PDF export+ added barcodes Aztec, Plessey, GS1-128/EAN-128+ added new Gauge objects+ added exports in XAML, SVG, PPML, PostScript+ added property CSVExport.NoQuotes in CSV export+ added properties in WebReport: DesignReport, DesignScriptCode, DesignerPath, DesignerSavePath, DesignerSaveCallBack, PrintInBrowser, SinglePage+ added property WebReport.XlsxSeamless for export tables without brakes in Excel 2007 export+ added property WebReport.EmbedPictures (embedded pictures in HTML)+ added property WebReport.DesignerLocale (sets an interface language for Online Report Designer)+ added property EmbedPictures(images inside html code) in HTML export+ added property WebReport.RefreshTimeout (refresh timeout in seconds, 0 – auto refresh disabled), the property useful for Dashboards + added outline for text with color selection, width and line style (property TextObject.TextOutline)+ added event for drawing the custom objects in WebReport or override drawing any standard object (WebReport.CustomDraw), works only with enabled WebReport.Layer+ added support layered HTML in WebReport (WebReport.Layers) with better WYSIWYG+ added support of TextObject.TextOutline in PDF export+ added support LineHeight, ParagraphOffset in HTML export+ added html tags filtration in CSV export+ added text clipping functionality (TextObject.Clip) in PDF export+ added property PDFExport.ShowPrintDialog for showing the print dialog on opening the PDF document* updated internal jQuery up to v1.12.3- fixed bug in WebReport with downloading files from IE8 in Windows XP- fixed bug with several WebReport objects in one page- fixed bug with multiline TextObject in dialogs in WebReport
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