10 oct. 2014

ITDevCon 2014

Fast Reports on ITDevCon 2014. Den Zubov will explain how migrate to FastReport from other

10 juil. 2014

New version FastReport VCL 5.1

What's new? Added Embarcadero RAD Studio XE6 support;Added OnGetCustomData/OnSaveCustomData events which allow to save;custom data

19 déc. 2013

New version FastReport.NET 2014.1

Now FastReport.NET is compatible with restrictions Fips Algorithm Policy (Federal Information Processing Standards) with some

27 nov. 2013

New version FastCube 2.1

+ Added new progress type fcxpFetchingData to track loading data progress by TfcxCube.OnProgress+ Added TfcxSlice.OnScriptError