8 oct. 2007

FastCube 1.1 released!

FastCube 1.1---------------+ added new aggregate function "Count of Unique"+ added new property DefaultFormat for Date,

21 sept. 2007

FastReport 4.4 released!

What is new in the version 4.4---------------+ added support for CodeGear RAD Studio 2007+ improved

20 août 2007

FastCube released!

By high needs of the FastReport's customers our company releases set of OLAP-components for Delphi

10 juil. 2007

FastReport 4.3 released!

FastReport® VCL is an add-on component that allows your application to generate reports quickly and

9 juil. 2007

New licenses to FastReport

By popular request of developer's commands and organizations now available Team license (for teams of

21 déc. 2006

FastReport 4.1 released

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!1. FastReport 4.01 releasedWhat is new?------------+

20 déc. 2006

FastReport 3.20 released

+ improved RTF export+ added handling font.charset (set to DEFAULT_CHARSET if you want unicode)+ added

31 oct. 2006

FastReport 4 released!

Dear friends!FastReport 4 for Delphi / C++Builder / BDS released!Report Designer:- new XP-style interface- the

28 oct. 2006

FastScript 1.9 released

+ full multi-thread support+ improved performance+ added packages for Delphi2006+ added separate Tee package- fixed

22 sept. 2006

Price of FastReport 4

FastReport 4 editions Basic $79Standard $179Professional $249Enterprise $349Upgrade