12 févr. 2009

FastCube 1.5 released!

FastCube 1.5 released!+ Changed: row height calculation algorithm of the X Axis+ Added property: TfcGrid.MaxRowHeightInXAxis+

7 juil. 2008

FastScript 1.94 released!

-added new RTTI functions/properties:TCustomIniFile.WriteTStrings,TCustomIniFile.ReadTStrings,TIBTransaction.Commit,TIBTransaction.RollBack,TIBTransaction.StartTransaction,TIBQuery.FetchAll,TIBQuery.RecordCount,TChartSeries.Active,TChartSeries.Count,TChartSeries.Delete.-fixed bug with "in" operator.-functions return null value by default-fixed bug with

9 avr. 2008

FastReport Studio 4.6 released!

+ added IfrxCheckBoxView interface+ added encryption for password protected reports. Please, backup your password protected

18 mars 2008

Updated FAQ

Added FAQ sections for Fast Report 4 VCL and for Fast Report Studio.

12 mars 2008

FastCube 1.3 released!

FastCube 1.3------------+ Added styles for cells with total: cellrowtotal, cellrowgrand, cellcoltotal, cellcolgrand, cellfulltotal, cellfullgrand, cellrowtotalcolgrand,

19 déc. 2007

FastReport 4.5 released!

Version 4.5---------------+ added ConverterRB2FR.pas unit for converting reports from Report Builder to Fast Report+ added

7 déc. 2007

FastCube 1.2 released!

FastCube 1.2---------------+ added property SelectedArea in TfcGrid (coordinate of selected area in Grid)+ added possibility

6 nov. 2007

Seminar in Warsaw

On behalf of Fast Reports Inc. and Firebird we are pleased to invite you to