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Is there a way to group one or more columns in run-time (when the cube is open)?

Yes, it’s possible. TfcxSlice has the corresponding methods.

Is there a way to set a column as hidden?

It is possible to remove column (dimension) from filters or remove it from the pivot table (TfcxSliceGrid). There are no other ways to hide it.

Is possible to set colors (in cells and columns) in run-time?

This depends on what you need. If this is about styling then yes, you can set flat style and set colors of grid elements. If it is about highlighting of cells - then it is also possible in run-time. Speaking about columns - we don’t highlight their values, only data cells.

Is possible to change the orientation in run-time? (vertical/horizontal)

Yes, TfcxSlice has the corresponding methods.

Is it possible not to show NULL values?

It depends on what you specifically want. If you want to replace "null" with "", that's possible (there's such an option in TfcxSlice). If it's about hiding empty rows/columns – that's also possible. If it's about filtering dimension elements with "null" values – that can be done too.

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