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Licensing issues

Can I test the product before I buy it? Do you provide technical support for testing?

Yes, we recommend testing our software product before purchasing to make sure it meets your requirements. The trial version includes all the functionality of the full version, but has some limitations.

Our specialists will be happy to assist you. You can send us technical questions to support@fast-report.com

How many workplaces is included in a FastReport license?

Our main products have three options depending on the number of developers working with FastReport:

Single license is for 1 developer;
Team license is for a team up to 4 developers, Build Server license included;
Site license without any limits on the number of workplaces within one geographical region, Build Server license included.

What types of licensing are available for FastReport?

In accordance with the License Agreement, Users may be granted the following types of License:

Trial Version - use of FastReport solely for evaluation purposes for a period not exceeding thirty (30) calendar days (trial period) from the date of initial download.
Basic License grants Licensee the right to Operate the Software to create and use the Solution and allow Licensee’s customers to use the Solution as End Users under the terms of this Agreement.
Extended License grants Licensee the right to Operate the Software to create and use the Solution and to allow Licensee’s employees and direct customers to Operate the Solution as End Users under the terms of this Agreement.
Project License grants Licensee the right to Operate the Software to create the Solution and then assign this Agreement to one third party to allow the third party to further develop the Solution and to allow the third party’s customers to use the Solution as End Users.

Read more about license types in the License Agreement.

I have an idea that can improve your product. Can I share my thoughts?

We are always happy to find out what our customers need. Our company is always open to new ideas and suggestions. We have a special to-do list. We include functionality in it that needs to be implemented as quickly as possible. It is likely that your idea will also be interesting and will be included in it.

You can write your ideas to us at support@fast-report.com

We would like to order an upgrade, but our panel doesn't have that option.

Most likely your subscription has expired, and you need to update your product. Please contact our support team.

I have purchased FastReport. I should receive my license key within 48 hours, but never received an email. Also in “My Downloads” I don't see any information about the new product.

Please make sure that the email address you entered during registration is correct and check your spam folder in your email.

If the product is still not available, please contact our support team.

I would like to upgrade from a Single license to a Team license. How much will it cost?

You can upgrade from Single to Team licenses within an active subscription to the license with a 20% discount. Contact our support team. We will provide you with a quote.

I have a valid license; how do I upgrade the product?

You can update your product in the customer panel or contact the reseller that you purchased the product from.

How long is the license valid? Why do I need to renew my license?

The license is valid for 12 months, during this period you get technical support and updates, after this period to continue receiving tech updates and support, you have the option to renew it for 50% from the full price (the discount is valid for 1 month after the license expires).

I use software that has a FastReport in it, I have an error, what should I do, can you help me?

In this case, you need to reach out to this company that is developing this software.

As we don't know what changes were made to the FastReport and not responsible for the modified code.

Can one developer use the product on two computers?

You can install a copy of the Product on your computer and freely move the Software from one computer to another, as long as you are the only individual using the product.

If you are an entity, you must designate one individual within your organization ("Named User") to have the right to use the Product.

What is build server license?

Build Server License is a permission to use the library on an automated build server, to build installs, nightly builds, etc.

I use FastReport VCL 4/5/6, FastReport VCL 2021, 2022 I have an error, what should I do?

If the version of your FastReport VCL product is different from the current year, we recommend trying to reproduce your error in the new version. You can download the demo on our website.

If the problem persists, please write to our support, support@fast-report.com

If the problem is resolved, then you need to upgrade to the new version of the product.

Does the latest build of FastReport VCL work with the new version of Delphi?

Yes, we synchronize versions of our product with current versions of Delphi.

I purchased a product, before I used the demo version, there is an error, what should I do?

We recommend you check if you have uninstalled the demo version. It is necessary to do it for the correct work of the product.

I purchased the wrong product. What should I do?

Unfortunately, we cannot replace the product or issue refunds because software is non-refundable, furthermore, the activated license cannot be returned.

We recommend you check the demo version before purchasing as we distribute all our products as try-before-you-buy products.

In our company the person responsible for the FastReport license has changed, how can the new employee get access to the customer panel?

Please contact our support, we will change the email address for you.
- If the change of email address within the same domain address, we will do it without a problem.
- To change the corporate mail to the developer's personal mail, we need a scan of the official letter from the company confirming that the developer works in this company, and you need to change the mail from corporate to personal one.
- To change the corporate mail to an email with another corporate domain address, we need a scan of the official letter from the company pointing out why it's necessary. This is required for security purposes and to protect the rights of license users.

I’ve been charged twice. I paid for the subscription manually and then the auto renewal charged my card again. What should I do?

Since the payment method is out of our control, we can’t turn the auto renewal off. You can do it through the customer panel at PayPro/MyCommerse. Please, note that the subscription in our system prolong automatically so that your subscription will be active for an additional year

My computer died, can I move my old license to the new computer or do I have to purchase a new license?

You can move your license, but keep in mind that we do not keep files of old products in the customer panel, but we can provide them on request.

How do you ensure data security?

FastReport products are components and do not store data, they work as a "black box", the level of security is determined on the user side.

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